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Gang lured latest gangland victim into 'rat trap'

Assassinated: Gary Hutch
Assassinated: Gary Hutch

Gary Hutch was shot dead after being lured into a “rat trap” by his former associates.

Pals, including ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson (pictured below) and the Byrne brothers, Liam and David, are believed to have convinced the on-the-run hood that he was no longer under suspicion by the Kinahan cartel.
He returned to the Costa del Sol, but was set up with information that the gang deliberately fed to test him. Hutch failed the test with lethal consequences, according to Sunday World sources.
The Sunday World also understands that enforcers for the Costa cartel called on his family home in Dublin in recent weeks to demand a €100,000 payment which they said the 34-year-old owed. 
He was gunned down on Thursday morning in what Gardaí believe was an assassination that was months in the planning.
We can exclusively reveal that mob boss Daniel Kinahan was in Ireland with a water-tight alibi at the time of the shooting. He returned to Spain within 24 hours of the kill on an Aer Lingus flight at 7am on Friday morning.
We understand that Hutch has been a marked man for more than a year, escaping a hail of bullets in which his pal Paddy Doyle was killed,  after senior mob members first began to suspect that he was feeding information to cops.
When a consignment of drugs was nabbed in the U.K. he was one of a handful of people with the information about the shipment.
Hutch, who was once best friends with Daniel Kinahan, fled for Amsterdam after innocent boxing coach Jamie Moore was shot last year in the garden of Daniel’s Spanish home.
He was sure that the bullets which injured Moore were meant for him. Over the past year he has been desperately trying to rebuild bridges with his former friends and comrades.
But despite his belief that his pleas of innocence were being heard, his family knew otherwise. Earlier this summer it is understood that they were asked to cough up e100,000 in order to smooth things over for Hutch, but they hadn’t got the money. 
Sources say that senior Kinahan members decided to give him one last chance to prove his innocence and furnished him with information to see would it come back to them.
But when the information was used they were assured that Hutch was indeed a rat and set in place a plan to kill him.