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Gang get away with money after cash-in-transit van robbery in Dublin

Gardai have confirmed that a sum of money was stolen in the incident
Gardai have confirmed that a sum of money was stolen in the incident

Shocked witnesses to a cash-in-transit robbery in Dublin this morning have told how a member of the public bravely tried to block the getaway vehicle with his truck.

A G4S security van had pulled up at the Bank of Ireland branch in Tallaght village when a gang of hooded men struck.

They grabbed a sealed cash box from one of the security workers and jumped back into a silver coloured car, possibly a Peugeot.

But as they tried to escape a man in a van tried to block them-in by driving his vehicle into their path.

The raiders were forced to drive around it, damaging their own getaway car in the process.

“I heard a lot of horns blowing, and alarms, and there were people looking up towards the bank and then I saw a silver car coming around a van that was parked out on the other side of the road,” an eye-witness told

“I could hear banging and bashing, and then the car drove by with all of its side bashed-in, so I think it must have got caught up with the front of the van as it got away,” they added.

“There was a guy in the back with a light coloured hood up over his head. Nobody really knew what was going on until they saw the cash-in-transit van outside the bank.”

Local workers said they saw a man run from the van which was trying to block the raiders.

“He had his arms out in front of him like he was trying to stop the car. He was very brave whoever he was,” said one.

Gardai have confirmed that a sum of money was stolen in the incident.

There were no reports of injuries or arrests and an investigation into the robbery has commenced.

Gardai are confident that high quality CCTV from neighbouring businesses caught the robbery on camera and footage will prove useful in the investigation.

Gardai and G4S staff could be seen at the targeted cash van after the robbery discussing the sequence of events.

It is believed the raiders escaped in the direction of the city.