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Gang feud results in huge Garda overtime bill

ERU Gardai in Dublin city following David Byrne's murder
ERU Gardai in Dublin city following David Byrne's murder

Reports today suggest that the gardai have amassed a huge €120,000 overtime bill in just four days as Dublin city went into lockdown before and during the funeral of David Byrne on Monday.

The Irish Daily Star has revealed the massive figure that has been racked up by officers involved in policing the city between Friday last and Monday as part of a major operation involving the wake and funeral of gangster David Byrne, who was gunned down in the Regency Hotel, Drumcondra on February 5.

The ring of steel put in place in Dublin city amid the slain gang member’s funeral, including armed checkpoints, Defence Forces on standby and regular patrols, ensured that the Gardai overtime bill soared in the past few days.

Armed gardai also patrolled the Francis Street area minutes before the funeral took place in that location, as the threat of all-out gang war looms large in the city.

Armed checkpoints and patrols have been in place across the city since the Regency attack and the tit-for-tat murder of Eddie Hutch Senior in the north inner city last Monday.

A source told the Star: "The garda overtime bill since then (Friday, when armed gardai patrolled Crumlin near Byrne’s home residence) until Byrne’s funeral has reached up to €120,000.

"It is a significant amount of money but it shows just how intent gardai are on preventing any further murders between these gangs.

"The garda efforts so far have been successful as the gangs have been unable to move about freely.

"There’s no doubt that the huge garda presence on the streets of Dublin over the past week has prevented further shootings."

The authorities further plan to put an extensive security operation in place in the city for the funeral of Eddie Hutch Snr.