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THE GRAHAM DWYER TRIAL: For 25 years Dwyer harboured a desire to stab a woman while having sex

The book 'Serial Violence' was produced as evidence
The book 'Serial Violence' was produced as evidence

Theirs was a macabre meeting of minds. For twenty five years Graham Dwyer harboured a desire to stab a woman while he had sex and since she was 12 years old Elaine O’Hara fantasised of being restrained, kidnapped and later of being knifed and killed.

From two different counties and two different worlds they meandered their way through separate lives but when they met, according to the prosecution, the result was murder.

In increasingly dark evidence being heard during the trial of the middle class architect for the murder of childcare worker Elaine, a court heard this week how she obsessed and read up about methods to kill while he acted out his fantasies during sexual encounters as far back as his college days.

Graham Dwyer denies murdering Elaine O’Hara in Killakee, Rathfarnham on August 22nd in 2012. Her skeletal remains were discovered more than a year later.

During the fifth week of the sensational murder trial, a jury at the Central Criminal Court heard of a collection of pornography and documents that were found on her computer by Detectives after her body was found in a lonely forest.

Amongst the film files she had saved were 16 of an ‘adult pornographic nature’, still images of mutilated bodies as well as pictures of herself clothed and some naked.

Detective Garda Brid Wallace told the court that there were also images of healed or partially healed injuries above the waist line.

Documents, including one entitled ’21 Techniques For Silent Killing’ and a second called ‘Hidden Weapons’ were discovered along with a book ‘Murder Inc’ with chapters detailing ways of killing people and methods for picking a victim.

A book called Serial Violence: Analysis of Modus Operandi and Signature Characteristics of Killers was also found which is available to buy on Amazon. It details how cases of serial murders were linked through crime scene analysis and profiling. Detective Garda Wallace said the book contained graphic images of mutilated bodies and crime scene photographs.

A document ‘Outline of a Slave’ had also been downloaded onto the computer. It offered an annual slavery contract: “with no early release for any reason.”

The document read out to the court stated: “you will be either kept in a heavy duty steel cage or a locked cell in my cellars….After initialy training to my standards you will be expected to work as a slave part time in my restaurant…. I have plenty of Dom friends so expect occasionally to have no holds barred heavy use.”

And it said the ‘slave’ should expect ‘piercings, breast skewering, branding and breast suspension.’

Two documents marked ‘private’ were stories describing someone being tied up, chained, held in a cellar and tortured with knives.

The further details of the secret world that Elaine O’Hara fantasised about inhabiting have become even more shocking as the trial continues. Many news reports, this week, featured warnings before they were broadcast due to the adult nature of the evidence.

But by Friday the focus of the evidence had turned to the accused and his private life and desires which the prosecution say formed a blood lust to kill.

Emer McShea, an ex partner of Graham Dwyer, whom he met in college nervously stepped into the box to give evidence of their young love which resulted in the birth of a son Sennan when the pair were still in college.

She told the court that she had given birth to Dwyer’s son in 1992 after the pair formed a relationship together in college.

She was led through her evidence by Sean Guerin SC for the prosecution and agreed with him that she and Dwyer had one night had a discussion when he told her his fantasy involved ‘stabbing a woman while having sex with her.’

Dwyer, she admitted to the court, later started to bring a kitchen knife into the bedroom they shared and would pretend to stab her during sex.

“Yes he would. But he didn’t actually do it,” she said.

She also told the court that in November of last year as the trial date approached she arrived in from work and saw a card addressed to her son with Dwyer’s handwriting.

She told the court she called her son Sennan and opened the card at his request discovering it was a birthday card. A part of the correspondence was read to the court in which Dwyer is alleged to have written: “Everything is going well here, all forensics clear and we are sure of an acquittal now that we have a mountain of evidence that it was suicide.”

His son Sennan also took the stand and revealed how his father had ‘hit the roof’ after discovering that he was smoking aged 14.

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