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Footage emerges of police shooting mentally-ill pregnant woman dead

Police were caught on camera shooting the mentally-ill woman in July
Police were caught on camera shooting the mentally-ill woman in July

Footage has emerged of police shooting dead a mentally-ill pregnant who was brandishing a knife.

The Guardian obtained a dashcam clip of the incident which occurred in July of last year. 

Jeanetta Marie Riley (35), died after authorities say she approached three officers with a knife and refused police commands.
In the clip uniformed police officers are seen approaching the woman, who is out of shot, and opening fire after she apparently refuses to drop the weapon she was in possession of. Authorities deemed the shooting justified.
The woman's husband, Shane Riley, was at a loss for how to help his suicidal wife when he took her to a hospital on July 8. She was struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues, public records said.
He drove her to the hospital after becoming concerned about her mental stability.
“He wanted to get help for her and in an effort to prevent injury to his wife, he went to the hospital to get the required help,” according to a claim lodged by Mr Riley against the city and hospital. 
Shane Riley went inside the hospital and told the receptionist that his wife was outside with a knife threatening to harm anyone who approached. The hospital staff called 911 and the hospital went into lockdown. Police arrived within minutes.
“There was no active threat to anyone when they arrived,” the claim said. “The only bystander was Shane Riley, her husband, who was calmly talking with her when the officers arrived.”
The claim said officers converged on Jeanetta Riley with guns drawn. The claim said the officers “caused a lethal confrontation that any reasonable person could have avoided and they should have been trained to avoid.”
Seconds after police arrived, two officers shot Jeanetta Riley after she refused commands to drop a knife and allegedly advanced on officers.
“Bring it on!” she can be heard saying in the video recording.
Kootenai County Prosecutor Barry McHugh in November ruled the shooting justified.
The Guardian published the footage to highlight the media coverage this shooting received against the media coverage of the shooting of a canine some 45 miles away. 
Guardian journalist wrote that there were "rallies, protests, sinister threats against the officer responsible", following one of the fatal shootings. "The killing was ruled unjustified, and the police chief introduced new training for his officers.
"The victim of the second shooting; a dog named Arfee."