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'Fit' Freddie Thompson slims down as he settles feud with Kinahans

Freddie Thompson
Freddie Thompson

MOBSTER ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson is back working for the Kinahan Cartel, despite previous fears he would be taken out by the gang.

The gang boss, who has slimmed down in recent months, is currently believed to be holed up in Amsterdam.

He travelled there with the prime suspect in the murder of Lorcan O’Reilly, who was stabbed to death in the Oliver Bond flats last Halloween. 

Thompson took the 15-year-old out of the country earlier this month after he was attacked by associates of O’Reilly in Dublin’s south inner city on New Year’s Eve.

Thompson had been back and forth to Dublin since his release from prison last year.

He flew to Spain following his release from prison after Gardaí told him they had intelligence his life was in danger.

He had feared being taken out by the Kinahan Cartel, who are also suspected of murdering his pal Gary Hutch in Spain last year. The cartel are also suspects in killing Paul Kavanagh in Drumcondra, north Dublin, last year and his brother Gerard ‘Hatchet’ Kavanagh in Spain the previous year.

Christy Kinahan

All three victims had previously worked for the cartel, but are suspected of falling out with them in disagreements over drug money.

Thompson feared he would suffer the same fate, but sources say Christy Kinahan’s (below)cartel has welcomed him back into the fold in recent weeks.

“He’s back working for the Kinahans,” said a source. “He’s still over in Amsterdam and he’s acting as a facilitator for them. There’s been talk that he was isolated, but he’s not isolated. He’s back in the fold and still a force to be reckoned with.”

Despite smoothing things over with the cartel, Thompson still faces threats from the remnants of the Rattigan gang, who were involved in the
Crumlin-Drimnagh feud with Thompson’s crew.

He has also previously had run-ins with an INLA extortion gang led by an Armagh man who cannot be named for legal reasons.

Thompson’s family links to the Byrnes helped keep him in with the cartel. His cousin Liam Byrne, from Raleigh Square, is suspected of organising drug shipments for the Kinahan mob.

He was recently pictured with Daniel Kinahan in Dublin while a boxing event was taking place.

Daniel and Christy Kinahan Jrn

Members of the cartel are expected to fly into Dublin this week for the Clash of the Clans Championship Boxing taking place in the National Stadium. The event will feature boxers from Daniel Kinahan’s MGM gym based on the Costa del Sol.

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Gerard Kavanagh’s son Jamie Kavanagh will fight for the WBO European Lightweight Championship against Portugal’s Antonio Joao Bento at the event on Saturday.

Kavanagh has returned to MGM despite the suspicion that the Kinahan Cartel were responsible for the murders of his father and uncle.

There were no key members of the cartel at the funerals of the two men. It is understood members of the cartel denied having anything to do with the killings and it appears they have convinced Jamie of this.

While Thompson fled Ireland following his release from prison, he has been making regular trips back to Dublin in recent months. Our picture shows the slimmed-down mobster enjoying a night out with family and friends in the Dean Swift pub on Francis Street in the capital.

As well as spending time in Amsterdam, sources say he has also spent time in Birmingham and London as well as Spain.

He flew from Dublin to Dusseldorf in Germany earlier this month with the 15-year-old murder suspect. They are believed to have travelled from there to Amsterdam.

The 15-year-old is free to travel as he has yet to be charged with any offence.