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Fears that vicious feud may reignite after bar brawl in Dublin

Benny Whitehouse
Benny Whitehouse

A VICIOUS feud – orchestrated by a jailed psycho gang boss who is the chief suspect for ordering three savage murders – has erupted again after a violent pub brawl.

The Herald reveals that tensions are extremely high again after the shocking fight in a pub in Balbriggan on Sunday night.

Armed garda units responded to the fracas, which centres around the murder of Benny Whitehouse (main pic), who was shot dead in Balbriggan in September, 2014.

Sources have revealed that last weekend’s incident occurred when a close associate of murder victim Whitehouse spotted a group of people that are closely linked to the jailed gang boss.

They included a criminal suspected of being involved in the murder, as well as a woman who is very closely associated with the jailed mobster.

“Whitehouse’s pal lost the rag and was screaming all kinds of abuse at the other crowd and this led to threats being thrown around and then a (row) taking place,” a source said.

“Gardai were called and they made two arrests. The suspects are due in court at a later date.” It has emerged that gardai are investigating the row as part of the “ongoing feud” which has been active for over three years, and tensions are high again in parts of north Co Dublin.

A 25-year-old close associate of Benny Whitehouse was arrested as well as a woman, who is aged in her early 30s.

The incident is being investigated as a public order matter, but sources say that it has the “potential” to lead to even further bloodshed.

The gang boss, who is considered the main player in the feud, remains in jail after being refused bail for separate criminal charges.