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Fears of feud flare-up as Fat Freddie associates set for release

Fat Freddie Thompson
Fat Freddie Thompson

Two close associates of gangland criminal 'Fat' Freddie Thompson are set for release - sparking fears that a local feud could re-ignite.

The two criminals, who are both aged in their early 20s and from the Crumlin area, are currently serving lengthy prison terms for separate firearms offences.

Both men were previously seen as being on the lower rung of Thompson's gang, but have now built reputations as ruthless criminals.

One of the men is due for release in the coming days, while the other thug is expected to be released in November.

They are also suspected of being involved in a number of punishment shootings and beatings as part of a personal dispute with a local man.

The dispute began when the two thugs damaged the man's car, and has since led to the innocent family's house being shot up. They were also behind a botched attempt on the man's life.

Sources have stated that the local man is now living "in fear of his life" with the impending release of the two young criminals.

"This man is absolutely terrified, they have shot up his sister's Crumlin home before and also attempted to shoot him.

"They wore masks on that occasion but the target was certain these two criminals were behind it. Luckily the gun jammed.

"They are extremely volatile criminals who have access to firearms, so the local community are fearful of them being released," the source added.