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Feared mobster suspected of three gangland hits demands gym refunds

The scene of Eddie Hutch's murder
The scene of Eddie Hutch's murder

A feared Kinahan cartel gangster, who is a suspect in at least three feud-related murders, terrified gym staff when he demanded subscription refunds for four of his associates who are either on-the-run or locked up.

There were terrifying scenes when the criminal stormed into the Dublin gym and threatened two female members of staff.

Sources have revealed that the gangland thug had paid annual membership fees for six of his associates earlier this year, but four of his mates are no longer based in Dublin.

"So he decided he wanted the money back and the belief is he got his way," a source said.

"What that animal said to the two female employees, should not even be repeated. He bullied his way into meeting the manager, who was initially too concerned to deal with him.

"They then had a private meeting and the criminal went on his way," the source added.

Gardai are becoming increasingly concerned about the activities of the feared brute, who is being investigated for murdering Eddie Hutch Snr, Noel 'Kingsize' Duggan and Mickey Barr on behalf of the Kinahan cartel.

He has been warned about an active threat against his life because of his suspected role in the murders but abused detectives when they issued him with the formal notice two months ago.

The thug was arrested in late March by gardai who were carrying out searches in relation to the feud murder of Eddie Hutch Snr.

He was released from garda custody after being detained for obstructing a search and is expected to appear in court at a later date.

The gangster is classified as one of the country's most dangerous criminals.

The suspected hitman was previously closely associated with Kevin Ledwidge, a 27-year-old Finglas criminal who was shot dead in July 2007, as well as convicted Finglas murderer David Cully (24), who was jailed for life in July for the gun murder of his uncle.

Cully's trial heard that both he and his uncle had attended an organised 'straightener' between two other men on the day of the killing and that Cully shot his uncle in the back after the fight.

The killer told gardai his uncle had made a comment that had caused him to lose control.

Both the deceased and the accused attended the fight in an open yard on the Sunday afternoon. David Cully brought a gun to the event.

Cully's associate is also linked to a Cabra criminal who was jailed last year in relation to a savage assault after which the victim died.

The suspected hitman has forged a fearful reputation over the past two years  and is now considered one of the most powerful gangsters in north Dublin.

It is understood he has a number of 'runners' working for him, and while not considered a drugs wholesaler, the gangster is believed to be making thousands of euro each week from his involvement in narcotics distribution.

The thug also had links with slain gangster John Daly, and the pair served time together in the high-security Portlaoise Prison.

Although behind bars at the time, the pair are suspected of intimidating one Finglas man to such an extent that the young man committed suicide. It is understood that this issue concerned a row over a woman.

His gang has been investigated by gardai for a horrific aggravated burglary on foreign nationals last year.

A 13-year-old girl was tied up with cable-ties and two couples were threatened at gunpoint in a terrifying ordeal in what gardai said was a case of mistaken identity.

Meanwhile, gardai in Dublin remain on "red alert" after receiving intelligence that the Hutch mob are planning a "spectacular attack" against the rival Kinahan mob in the feud that has seen six murders so far.