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‘Fatpuss’ calling in gangland favours to stop brother being killed

Alan and Wayne Bradley
Alan and Wayne Bradley

ALAN ‘Fatpuss’ Bradley has been desperately trying to call in gangland favours to stop his brother being killed by a rival Finglas criminal.

Finglas criminal Fatpuss (42), recently warned his brother to watch his back on the outside because he isn’t around to protect him.

Wayne Bradley was released from Portlaoise Prison in December after serving time for his role in an attempted cash-in-transit raid.

He has kept a low profile since his release and fears he will be targeted by rival criminals. It is even rumoured that he has hired a bodyguard to watch his back as he heads to the gym each day.

A North Dublin criminal suspected of involvement in the attempted murder of John Gilligan in Clondalkin 2014 is seen at the main threat to Wayne. Fatpuss had been friendly with Gilligan, but he refused to co-operate with Gardaí when they wanted to ask him if he had any information on who carried out the shooting.

It is understood Fatpuss has reached out to members of the Kinahan Cartel to use their influence to get the Finglas criminal gunning for his brother to back off.

Wayne was released in December having served four years of a five-year sentence for his part in an attempted cash-in-transit robbery in Celbridge in 2007, that also involved Fatpuss and slain gang boss Eamonn ‘the Don’ Dunne.

Fatpuss and Dunne at Kilmainham district court on charges of conspiracy to commit theft

However, Wayne is seen as vulnerable without having the back-up of his brother, who isn’t due for release for around a year.

“Fatpuss still has a while before he gets out of Portlaoise and he’s worried about his brother being on the outside,” said a source.

“He’s told other people connected to him to be careful as well, even though they have nothing to do with any feud. However, he’s hoping the threat will subside after he reached out to members of the Kinahan Cartel to call the Finglas criminal off.”

Wayne received a savage beating from fellow inmates in Mountjoy Prison in December 2014, which almost killed him. He was subsequently transferred to Portlaoise Prison, where Fatpuss is serving his sentence.

Prison hard men Leon (26) and Jamie Griffin (21), from Dublin’s south inner city, were behind that attack.

It is believed they had carried out the attack on behalf of the north Dublin criminals feuding with the Bradleys.

Fatpuss had also been under threat behind bars, but had the backing of other criminals in Portlaoise, which prevented attacks.

The Griffin brothers were also behind a vicious attack on Derek ‘Del Boy’ Hutch in Mountjoy in last October. 

It is suspected the brothers took up a contract offered by associates of the Kinahan Cartel to carry out the attack on Hutch because they heard he said would get revenge for the murder of his brother Gary, who was shot dead on the orders of the gang in Spain last year. 

While Wayne is seen as isolated outside prison, he still remains on good terms with some well-known criminals.

However, there are several north Dublin criminals who are no longer on good terms with the Bradleys.