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Fat Freddie's 'female friend' warned that her life is in danger

Fat Freddie Thompson
Fat Freddie Thompson

A close female associate of ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson has been warned that her life is in danger.

Kinahan mobster Thompson has been regularly spotted at the woman’s flat in Dublin 4 and now gardaí fear that she herself may become a target of the rival Hutch gang.

Thomspon (35) has been staying around South Dublin in recent weeks and is known to drink at upmarket bars in the area.

His female associate is originally from Crumlin but has been living in Ringsend in recent years.

She has no involvement in crime and was the victim of a serious assault a number of months ago.

A source explained: “Traditionally the Kinahan gangs have stayed out of this area of Dublin but recently Thompson has been spotted in and around this woman’s flat.

“Neighbours in the area are naturally concerned for their own welfare as Thompson is involved in both the Hutch/Kinahan feud and the older Crumlin/Drimnagh dispute.

“This woman has been warned that her life is in danger as well.”

More than 50 women who have been linked to the dangerous mobs involved in the bitter Hutch and Kinahan feud have been warned that their lives are under threat.

Over 30 of these women are linked to the gang associated with feud murder victims Gary Hutch and his uncle, Eddie Hutch Snr.

The age profiles of the women involved range from girls in their mid-teens to great-grandmothers in their 70s.

Despite the serious threats against his own life, sources have told that Thompson continues to drink in upmarket bars in the Leopardstown area of South Dublin.

Thompson married his childhood sweetheart Vicky Dempsey on New Year’s eve 2013 but the couple are believed to have split in recent months.

He was released from jail last August after he served a 15-month sentence for violent disorder after an attack on another man at Morrissey's Pub on Cork Street on January 7, 2013.

The mobster was extradited from Amsterdam in May 2014 and was immediately remanded in custody before he eventually received a 20-month sentence for his involvement in the vicious brawl.

In February 2015, he admitted the charge which the court heard was sparked by a slagging match to which Thompson reacted by throwing a punch and a bottle.

Since his release, he has become embroiled in the Kinahan and Hutch feud which has claimed the lives of nine men since Thompson’s former pal Gary Hutch was gunned down in Spain last September.