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Fat Freddie Thompson and slain gangster Gary Hutch were working closely before Costa hit

Hitlist: Fat Freddie Thompson
Hitlist: Fat Freddie Thompson

Mob boss Fat Freddie Thompson was working with slain gangster Gary Hutch in the months before his murder it has emerged.

Thompson, who was spotted in Dublin last week, was, like Hutch, a senior member of the Kinahan crime enterprise.

Today's Herald has details of how Thompson and Hutch made secret trips to Portugal and Holland to get drugs for Christy Kinahan's gang.

Hutch was once only one step below Daniel Kinahan, Christy's son, in the gang's hierarchy.  The information comes from a dossier compiled by Spanish authorities who were investigating the gang four years ago.

Hutch, Thompson and Kinahan were close friends, but the murder of 34 year-old this week shows what happens when associates fall out in the underworld.

Hutch is believed to have been killed by Kinahan's gang over a botched drug deal and the Sun are reporting that Thompson could be next on the hitlist.

They say gardai received information last week that Thompson is a target of the Kinahan gang after two shipments of drugs to the UK - €5m of cannabis in June 2014 and €7m of cocaine two months later - went wrong.

Thompson was only released from prison in August of this year after serving 20 months for assault and he quickly went into hiding, before popping up in Dublin last week.

Hutch was aware of the threat to his own life but he had done little to change his routine and he paid the ultimate price on Thursday in Spain.

The gangster was trying to escape out of a back exit on the gated Costa del Sol estate where he lived when he was cornered and shot in the head and chest.

He found himself trapped when he found a door leading onto waste ground behind the complex locked after a dramatic chase round the communal swimming pool. 

He had already been shot twice in the back according to local reports.

The masked assassin blasted him in the chest after cornering terrified Hutch, 34, before finishing off his grisly mission by shooting him in the head.

Hutch died in a pool of blood in front of horrified pensioners who have retired to live out their days in the sun. 

His assassin calmly walked past security cameras and through an electronic gate to a waiting getaway car, which was later found torched.