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'Fat' Freddie Thompson stopped by gardai while walking through Dublin in drag

Fat Freddie's disguise
Fat Freddie's disguise
Life's a drag: 'Fat' Freddie was stopped this week while disguised as a woman
Life's a drag: 'Fat' Freddie was stopped this week while disguised as a woman

Gangster 'Fat' Freddie Thompson was stopped by gardai twice last Wednesday night, both times sporting a bullet-proof vest and once wearing women's clothing.

According to today's Sun, 'Fat' Freddie Thompson was halted on his way through the Drimnagh area of Dublin by detectives on Wednesday night.

The mobster, who walked alone, was wearing a lady's hat and pair of womens' designer sunglasses.

His ensemble was complimented by a bullet-proof Kevlar vest.

The 34-year-old gangster was also stopped a second time that night by gardai as he travelled in a car with three cronies.

The three men, all kitted out in bullet-proof vests, are also key members of the Kinahan cartel, according to the Sun.

The authorities searched several gardens in the area where the four were stopped but nothing of interest was found.

A source told the Sun: "Freddie and his gang are obviously worried they could be killed and that's why they're going around in bullet-proof vests.

"The fact that Thompson was wearing women's accessories would suggest that he was trying to avoid being recognised.

"Thompson and his friends are all serious players and all would be major targets for the Hutch gang because of their connections to Daniel Kinahan."

'Fat' Freddie is a major figure in the Kinahan cartel.

It is understood that Thompson has been back in Ireland for more than a fortnight after spending time in England with his associate Daniel Kinahan following David Byrne's high-profile funeral on February 14.

He was pictured last week strolling around Dublin city centre without a care in the world, accompanied by an associate.

The gangster is suspected to be one of top targets for the Hutch clan.

He is also reported to be taking to Dublin's streets surrounded by a mob of personal security.

Byrne, (34), was shot dead in the Regency Hotel gun attack on February 5.

Gardai are concerned that Thompson's presence in the capital will increase gangland tensions.