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'Fat' Freddie foot soldier caught smuggling a lot of steroid tablets into Mountjoy

Mob: 'Fat' Freddie Thompson
Mob: 'Fat' Freddie Thompson
Aaron Wrafter
Aaron Wrafter

A trusted ‘foot-soldier’ in the ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson gang has been caught smuggling more than 2,000 steroid tablets into Mountjoy Prison.

Convicted drug dealer Aaron ‘Benji’ Wrafter (34), was nabbed with the bodybuilding drugs last month as he returned to the jail after being granted Temporary Release.
It is believed the illegal drugs were found concealed on his body by officers in Mountjoy’s Training Unit on 9 May. The seizure highlights a growing problem for prison bosses, with steroid use becoming more popular in Ireland’s jails.
Crime boss John Gilligan used the dangerous drugs to pump up his physique while serving a lengthy sentence in Portlaoise Prison.
One prison source told us that steroids can be bought in most prisons in Ireland.
“They are as valuable as cocaine or heroin in some prisons. For a lot of prisoners, the only aim they have while they are in jail is to bulk up,” he said.
In 2012, Wrafter was locked up for six years after gardai found him with 5,000 ecstasy tablets and €27,000 worth of cocaine, as well as pressing machines and other drug dealing equipment.
Wrafter’s drugs factory was shut down by gardai only seven months after they seized a haul of drugs from him in another location in Dublin City Centre.
Wrafter was supplied with cocaine from Thompson’s crew. He would then mix it with potentially lethal mixing agents in order to make thousands for himself and Thompson’s drugs gangs.