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‘Fat’ Freddie defiant in Dublin city centre

'Fat' Freddie Thompson
'Fat' Freddie Thompson

Gangster 'Fat' Freddie Thompson strolled around Dublin city centre yesterday without a care in the world as he was photographed for the first time since the funeral of his cousin David Byrne in February.

Despite being at the centre of the vicious Kinahan/Hutch gang feud which has claimed four lives, a relaxed looking Thompson didn’t appear concerned for his safety.

The smiling thug laughed as he strolled around the city with one of his cronies.

35-year-old Thompson had an Armani manbag slung over his shoulder and wore a beanie from the same fashion label.

He sported a beard and appears to have put on weight since he was last snapped nearly two months ago.

When he noticed our photographer, the thug was happy to wave and give a thumbs-up as he laughed and joked with another man.

His car was later searched by gardai and. When asked to comment he told the Irish Sun: "They're doing their job. This is what they do."

When asked if he feels safe in Dublin after a recent spate of shootings Thompson responded: "Looks that way, doesn't it. You'll have to ask the police that one."

It is understood that Thompson has been back in Ireland for more than a fortnight after spending time in England with his associate Daniel Kinahan following Byrne's high-profile funeral on February 14.

Byrne (34) was shot dead in the Regency Hotel gun attack on February 5.

Gardai are concerned that Thompson's presence in the capital will increase gangland tensions.

Ken Foy