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'Fat' Freddie and Kinahan cartel thugs blow €12.5k on plush hotel suite amid gangland feud

'Fat' Freddie Thompson
'Fat' Freddie Thompson

MOBSTER 'Fat' Freddie Thompson and two key members of the Kina­han Cartel blew more than €12,500 hiding out in one of Dublin's most exclusive hotels this week as the feud claimed its seventh victim.

Thompson, his cousin Liam Roe - nicknamed 'Tango One' - and a man linked to Regency shooting victim David Byrne have been staying in the city-centre property.

While their gangland associates were bringing death to the streets of Dublin, Thompson and his cronies were living the high-life in an exclusive suite in the hotel.

Suites at the high-end hotel cost up to €2,500 per night and prices were even higher last weekend with the Bruce Springsteen concerts.

A source has told the Sunday World that the presence of the notorious gangland criminals – who stayed for five nights in the hotel – sparked serious concern among staff.

Despite the fact that Emergency Response Unit members had the hotel under constant surveil­lance, the staff were terrified of calling into the room in case they were caught in a crossfire.

Liam Roe

Thompson – who gardai suspect has played a key role in the feud – only left the suite in the early hours of the morning to go to the resident's bar.

It is understood that the rooms were paid for on a credit card and were not booked under Thompson or Roe's name and staff were un­aware they were responsible for the booking.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Christy Kinahan Jnr have been spending most of their time in Birmingham in recent weeks, where they have hooked up with Thomas 'Bomber' Kavanagh.

Members of the cartel have also been spend­ing time in Spain and Dubai.

Following a week of intense political pressure, gardai are believed to be making progress in bringing some of the gunmen involved in the recent shootings to justice.

Two women were arrested in connection with the shooting of Gareth Hutch, who was laid to rest today.

One is suspected of having been paid by the gunmen to use her apartment as a staging point for the fatal attack.

Sources locally said it is believed that the woman – a drug addict – was promised a four-figure-sum to allow the killers, captured on CCTV shooting Hutch dead, make use of her apartment.

A second woman being held over the shooting is a close relative of the INLA man.

However, officers believe that the hitman sus­pected of shooting Gareth Hutch on Tuesday has fled to Northern Ireland.

The 30-year-old man, who is a member of the New INLA, lives yards away from the scene of the shooting and got into a dispute with an associate of Hutch the day before the hit.

Murder victim Gareth Hutch got involved in this dispute after the 30-year-old INLA thug threatened his cousin Ross Hutch with a knife after a verbal altercation.

Gareth Hutch is understood to have chased the suspected killer up the road with a baseball bat after he made the knife threats to Ross.

In the wake of the row, its believed the INLA man made enquiries as to whether there was a price on Gareth's head. He was told that the Kinahan Cartel would pay him a five-figure sum for murdering father-of-one Hutch.

The INLA figure and a north-inner city as­sociate took just hours to organise the murder and access two handguns they used to murder Hutch at the Avondale House flats complex.

Ross Hutch (24) – who has been warned his life is also under threat – arrived at the scene of his cousin's murder minutes after it occurred.

By that time, Gareth's killers had dropped their handguns and were left with no option but to flee the scene without targeting him when their getaway car failed to start.

In the wake of the killing, armed gardai, who earlier in the morning staged an armed check­point at Mountjoy Square several hundred metres from the shooting, swamped the area.

Gardai raided the INLA thug's home within hours of the shooting and a close associate handed himself into the gardai after the raid.

Word spread quickly as to the identity of the gunmen and a close associate of Hutch was actively looking for the hitmen.

Another associate of the INLA man has also left the capital since the shooting.

The dissemination of CCTV footage of the murder on social media is now the subject of an internal Garda probe.

Gardai are also understood to be examining claims that rival gangsters on both sides of the feud have been receiving intelligence relating to the staging of checkpoints from taxi drivers.

They are investigating if this may explain why gunmen have been confident of escaping unhindered after shootings as they know when a checkpoint has been moved out of an area.

It is also believed that taximen with links to the Hutch gang have been seen recently at key locations the south-inner city taking down details of the movements of gardai.

Gardai revealed in the wake of the shooting of Michael Barr that they had also staged a checkpoint in the vicinity of the Sunset House on the night he was shot dead.

Last Thursday, officers arrested a suspect for that shooting on the grounds of the Courts of Criminal Justice. The thug – who is in his mid-30s and a known associate of the cartel – was one of two men arrested at Dublin airport earlier in the week carrying a large sum of cash.

He appeared before the Courts of Criminal Justice in connection with that arrest, after which he was arrested by detectives probing the shooting of Michael Barr.

He is detained at the Bridewell garda station.

The 29-year-old served a prison sentence for a vicious knife attack a number of years ago.

While the Hutch side have not carried out a shooting since the Regency attack, gardai are extremely concerned they will attempt to carry out a hit soon.

"People are claiming the Hutch side are a spent force but they're far from it," said a source.

Gardai are working around the clock and they are believed to have prevented another hit this week. However, it is feared it is only a matter of time before the next attack.

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