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Family’s heart wrenching tribute to innocent feud victim

Martin O'Rourke
Martin O'Rourke

THE FAMILY of innocent feud victim Martin O’Rourke this week marked the first anniversary of his death by erecting a headstone over his grave and visiting the plot with his five-year-old daughter Angela.

Speaking with the Sunday World, Martin’s father-in-law Larry Power said the visit was a hugely emotional one for the family and in particular his granddaughter.

“Angela has felt the loss of her father every day since his death and the year has been an awful struggle for her,” he said.

“How do you explain to a little girl what happened and why? We tell her the truth, but we don’t talk about the bad men who did it.

“We tell her that her dad was killed because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and explain to her that not everyone is bad.

“And we tell her how the people of Sheriff Street rallied around the family and about the good people out there who have helped.”

Innocent Martin was shot dead on Sheriff Street on April 14 last year after a Kinahan Cartel gunman mistook him for Hutch faction associate Keith Murtagh.

At the time of his callous murder, Martin was staying with partner Angelina in Focus Ireland’s George’s Hill Apartments on Halston Street, in the north inner city.

The couple had endured the hardship of not having a home to call their own while Angelina’s family cared for their three young children Angela (5) Michael Patrick (3) and Martin Lawrence (20 months).

It emerged Martin had been turning his life around for his partner and children’s sake and was seeking a home and employment.

Gardaí have told the family that the investigation into his death remains open and active.

As the Power family mourned the anniversary of Martin’s passing, gardaí in the city this week stepped up their ‘in your face’ policing in the heartland of the Byrne family and their associates’ Crumlin power base.

Officers are operating under Operation Hybrid – which is aimed at staging highly visible armed checkpoints in and around the addresses of known criminals.