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Family dog blasted with shotgun by raider


A family have been left devastated after their dog was shot dead in their home in Co Dublin.

Annmarie Ward (18) from Belcamp Lane in Coolock said the gunman shot through her back window and shot their dog twice.

"I heard a loud bang and the window shattered. Any of the children could have been killed," Annmarie told

The 15-year-old Jack Russell called Beethoven, died in the family home in front of the young kids.

"A vet came to the house  and the kids had to watch their dog die and be carried out in a body bag," said Annmarie.

"We're all heartbroken."

Annmarie praised the Coolock garda station for their help, especially Detective Brendan Bergen who paid for the vet to come and try and save the dog.

"I am very grateful for him and his team. I really wont forget what they have done for my family and him trying to save my dog. It breaks my heart every time  I look out the back and knowing my poor dog is not there."

The family know who the gunman is and Annmarie said there is a family feud.

"They knew we loved that dog and it would hurt us so much to see him die. That's why he did it," she said.

"Beethoven was my first ever dog. I'm devastated."

Gardaí said they are investigating an incident in which an animal was shot dead in Coolock on Saturday, September 17 at approximately 2am