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Fake Gardai gang target a female pensioner on M2

Fake Garda gang are operating in Meath
Fake Garda gang are operating in Meath

A gang posing as gardai tried, but failed, to hijack a female driver in her 70s on the M2 last weekend in yet another attempted car jacking by this gang.

The Herald report that a 71-year-old female driver encountered the fake Gardai last weekend on the M2.

"I thought there was something odd," the woman told the paper when she saw signalled to stop her SUV at 4.15am on a stretch of the motorway near Ashbourne.

"I was driving to the intensive care unit of a hospital in Dublin when I noticed a car driving right behind me.

"The car drew level with me and I began feeling annoyed when it wouldn't overtake.

"When I saw the blue light flashing I pulled over and stopped."

However, her instinct kicked in and she said that she felt that the man who approached her "didn't have the look of a guard".

"It was dark and I couldn't really see his face," she said.

"He walked up to my car, rapped on the window and asked me if I had been drinking and told me I was weaving all over the road.

"I told him I didn't drink. And my car has corrective steering so I knew I couldn't have been weaving.

"I kept the door locked. I just wanted to get to the hospital and I wasn't going to get into an argument. He could have been the president for all I cared. When I told him I was on my way to hospital he just turned around and walked away."

Less than an hour after this incident, which happened last weekend, the gang were succesful, taking a Nissan Qashqai from a man who stopped and got out of his car when instructed by the fake Gardai.

A few weeks earlier a man near Trim was also stopped by 'fake' Gardai and he was hit over the head before the thieves stole his Ford Transit.