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Face of man gunned down in brutal Dublin shooting

David Douglas
David Douglas
The scene at Bridgefoot Street this evening
The scene at Bridgefoot Street this evening

This is the face of the man who was brutally shot in Dublin's south-inner city this evening.

David Douglas (54) was shot several times this afternoon in Dublin 8.

The shooting occurred on Bridgefoot Street in the south-inner city, near the entrance to the Shoestown shop.

The shooting took place at around 4.10pm this evening.

Douglas suffered serious head and chest injuries after the shooting, after which he was rushed to hospital.

He was walking in the area when he was shot several times by a lone gunman.

He was rushed to St James' Hospital but died sometime this evening due to the injuries caused by the brutal shooting.

The area where the shooting occurred has been sealed off for technical examination.

A burnt-out getaway car was discovered a short distance away.

The vehicle is a silver/grey coloured Mercedes Benz CLA, registration number 161-D-26702, which was stolen on June 23.

A gun was earlier recovered at the scene.

Gardai are investigating if he was a target for the Kinahan cartel, who have been involved in a  ongoing bloody gang war with the Hutch mob which has already claimed seven lives.

Douglas previously escaped from a hit attempt with his life after being shot three times while walking his dog on Killala Road in Cabra on November 8, 2015.

The drive-by attempt on his life happened 100 yards from his home on the aforementioned road in Cabra.

Douglas suffered at least three gunshot wounds after a car pulled up alongside him during the evening of Sunday November 8.

The gunman is thought to have fired from inside the car as it was driven by.

Neighbours raised the alarm and Douglas was rushed to the Mater Hospital, where he was treated for serious chest wounds.

Douglas was jailed for five years in 2010 in connection with a seizure of over €500,000 of cocaine in 2008.

The victim is thought to have links to a number of criminal factions, including the Hutch crime gang.

Gardai are investigating if this latest shooting is linked to the ongoing feud between the Hutch mob and Kinahan cartel.

Gardai are further investigating Douglas' involvement in drug dealing. It is understood that he owed a debt to a major criminal gang.

Locals reported hearing up to six shots when the shooting took place this evening after 4pm.

They expressed shock at the shooting, which occurred next door to a homework club.

A local woman told that children would have been in the vicinity at the time of the shooting.

Children's toys, kiddie bicycles, women's handbags, and schoolbags were on display in the shop window.

A local man added: "I heard a shot but I thought it was just banging from a local building site.

"But then I heard a lot of screeching of car brakes. There was a lot of traffic on the hill outside the shop when it happened.

"There's women and kids in and out of that shop every day."