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Face of drug lord ‘Hatchet Kavanagh’ etched on gravestone

Face of drug lord ‘Hatchet Kavanagh’ etched on gravestone

It’s a gravestone fit for a saint, complete with a bizarre etching of the smiling face of gang enforcer Gerard ‘Hatchet’ Kavanagh on a cross.

The massive marble monument has been placed on his grave at Palmerstown Cemetery to mark the passing of Kavanagh, who was gunned down in a Spanish bar in September 2014.

The case file on his unsolved assassination has been shelved by Spanish police, but his family have not forgotten the drug dealing father of boxer Jamie Kavanagh, whose murder on the Costa came just a year before the Kinahan Cartel’s bitter gangland war.

Behind his grave lies his brother Paul Kavanagh, gunned down in March 2015 by the same mob, but whose passing is remembered by a simple cross and balloons to mark his 28th birthday, which would have been celebrated recently.

Paul Kavanagh's grave

Hatchet, who was once a chief enforcer for the Kinahan mob, was gunned down just weeks after boxer Jamie Moore was shot on the grounds of Daniel Kinahan’s Marbella pad.

He was sitting in Harmon’s Bar when his killers burst in and shot him dead in front of horrified customers.

The gunmen escaped in a BMW car which was found burnt out shortly afterwards three miles west on the road towards Marbella.

The torching of cars near the scene is a well used method by the Kinahan mob and has become synonymous with their kills.

At the time Spanish police suggested that Russian or Ukranian mobs were linked to the shooting, but Gardaí have remained convinced that it was an ‘in-house’ job and that a dispute with ‘Git’ Russell over payments owed to the Cartel was more than likely the motive.

Russell had insisted that he had been handing over payments through Lee Cullen to Kavanagh and his co-hort Paul Rice, but they insisted they hadn’t received them.

Following Hatchet’s murder, Daniel Kinahan made a public announcement that he was living in fear.

In a statement from his lawyer he announced he would be seeking police protection. His lawyer, Javier Arias, who is defending him in the ongoing court case, confirmed to journalists that he would be applying for protection for his client Daniel Kinahan.

Gerard 'Hatchet' Kavanagh

He rubbished reports that Kavanagh had connections with the Kinahan family, insisting the Irish gangster had no “personal or working relationship” with Daniel.

Weeks after Hatchet was shot, Gary Hutch fled the Costa del Sol and moved to Amsterdam, after Daniel had accused him of being a rat in the camp.

Hatchet is survived by his wife Tracey Brady, who has continued to live on the Costa with her daughter Kyah – a darling of the showjumping circuit and now a regular clubber in Puerto Banus.