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Exclusive: I am trying very hard to forgive this man

Darci Day: "I am trying very hard to forgive this man"
Darci Day: "I am trying very hard to forgive this man"

The woman Graham Dwyer plotted to kill has said she is trying to forgive the murderer but that she is struggling.

Ahead of Dwyer's sentencing today, Darci Day, who lives in Maine in the US, said she is "exhausted by the entire thing". 
Speaking to the Sunday World, Day - who called Dwyer a "monster" in the past - said she is trying to forgive the convicted murderer. 
"I will be the first person to admit that forgiveness is one of the hardest things in this world to do but God is working on my heart every day", she said. "And I am trying very hard to forgive this man. It is a struggle but I'm praying that with healing comes forgiveness.
"I have so many flaws, and I'm the farthest thing from perfect and this case (and my interactions with Graham) has made me do a lot of reflecting. I'm still working on forgiving myself."
Gardai found a document called 'Killing Darci' on Dwyer’s computer. In it he wrote a detailed account of how he would rape, torture and murder Darci before burying her body.
Asked why she hadn't gone through with meeting him, Darci said it was the love she received from her family and friends that held her back. 
"The biggest thing that stopped me from meeting him was the love I received from my family, friends, and random strangers. I was so broken inside and everyday I was questioning my own existence.
"I felt my life had no purpose and that I was unlovable and above all else. I felt this world would be better off if I was gone. To everyone who has felt broken, you have no idea how beautiful you are. 
"You were very lovingly created and have a beautiful and glorious future. Life will never be perfect, and it may be a struggle but life is constantly changing and the pain you are in will never last forever.
"It's OK to seek help and is a sign of strength, not a sign of weakness. If we reach out and extend a loving hand to those around us, you just may be saving a life. We all have the power to heal a broken soul and speak love into the hearts of the hopeless."
She added she is not planning to write to Elaine's family but says she knows the ordeal has been crushing for them. 
"I know the families are feeling so crushed and overwhelmed, and I know this has been very painful for them. I just want to tell them all that i love them, I'm praying for them and will not write to them unless they contact me first.
"I want to be as respectful to them as possible, and don't want to keep opening wounds that are trying to heal."
Dwyer will be sentenced later today for the murder and will hear a victim impact statement read out on behalf of the O'Hara family. 
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