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Euro mobs back Monk as he vows to finish feud with Kinahans

Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch
Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch

A gangland alliance comprising of the biggest players on the international drug scene and organised crime is being formed in an offensive against the Kinahan Cartel.

Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch has told friends he doesn’t fear dying in the bitter feud that started in Dublin, but is now set to be played out across Europe.

The Monk’s side is rallying his contacts in the U.K., Holland and Spain after Daniel Kinahan and Liam Byrne, the brother of murdered gang member David, fled to London in a bid to regroup with their own contacts.

Both Kinahan and Byrne are effectively on the run and have been warned not to return to their bolthole in Puerto Banus on the Costa del Sol.

It is understood that enforcer Paul Rice has been told that the Kinahans want TWO more Hutch casualties while they try to close the net on their top target, the Monk.

Paul Rice

Rice has been lying low and moving between safe houses since the Regency Hotel shootings – but he met with Daniel Kinahan earlier this week our sources say.

The Tallaght criminal has a shaky relationship with the Kinahans, who it is believed supply him with drugs. For years he worked alongside Gerard ‘Hatchet’ Kavanagh before the well-known drug dealer was blasted to death in Harmon’s Bar in Marbella two years ago.

After the murder of his best friend on the orders of the Kinahan mob, Rice went to ground, fearing that he would be next on their hit list. But he has been back working with them in recent months.

Rice has strong connections with a major INLA figure in Dundalk who is known to supply high-powered weapons for cash.

There’s no way back now for the Monk, who sanctioned the current war in response to the treatment of his family at the hands of the young Kinahan gang.

According to sources, many of the Kinahan gang have also fallen out of favour with their own godfathers, Christy Snr and John ‘the Colonel’ Cunningham. Both are said to be livid that their drug business is now news across the world and has effectively become toxic.

Sources close to Hutch say that he is a man blinded by grief at the loss of his brother Eddie, but is determined he will not see any more family members suffer.

“He doesn’t mind dying himself – but not until he has finished what has been started. Hutch has connections all over Europe that the Kinahans aren’t even aware of. He has got full support both at home and abroad,” a source said.

The veteran criminal has already met with George ‘the Penguin’ Mitchell, who has regularly boasted that he owns the Costa del Sol and who has close links with major Colombian and Moroccan outfits based there.

George ‘the Penguin’ Mitchell

While Hutch and Mitchell were never close, they have strong links built up through mutual associates and have known each other for decades.

Mitchell has operated on the Costa alongside the Kinahan Cartel for years, but sources say he will be eyeing a major boost to his drug supply network if his rivals are put out of business.

Mitchell is a powerful ally and the Sunday World can reveal that he had predicted the mother of all gangland wars in the weeks after Gary Hutch’s murder.

Mitchell, who had been based in Malaga for 10 years, left his bolthole and moved to a sleepy German town, telling contacts that he didn’t want to get dragged into any dispute on the Costa.

The godfather first moved to Holland and then settled in Traben Trarbach in the Mosel Valley, where his long time Dutch contact Herman Xennt owns an underground bunker.

There he hoped he would be far removed from the bloody war which erupted in Dublin during a weigh -in organised by MGM gym – the boxing promoters run by the Kinahans.

Sources say that Daniel Kinahan and Liam Byrne are effectively running for their lives as they try to formulate a plan to hit back at Hutch.

Daniel Kinahan 

They flew out to London earlier this week, where they hoped they would blend in with wealthy businessmen.

Both are said to be paranoid.  They fear they are recognisable after the murder and the extravagant funeral they held for David Byrne.

“They are putting on a show, but the fact of the matter is that the swagger has been knocked out of them. They have been stunned by the amount of people that are backing the Hutch side,” a source said.

Liam Byrne

“Their funds are drying up too, as they have had a supply problem for the past few months.

“They have lost their last few shipments to seizures and have effectively been shut down overnight by their own actions. They have a serious problem about where to go. Hutch has contacts in the U.K. and they are already at war with a gang in the Manchester area.

 “They don’t feel safe in England, but they can’t go back to Spain. Everyone was surprised by how long they stayed in Dublin after the funeral, but the fact is that they don’t know where to go. They are like cornered rats.”