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Police release email to Pat Hickey saying Shane Ross needs to be “put back in his box”

Shane Ross
Shane Ross

An email which says that Minister for Sport Shane Ross needs to be “put back in his box” has been released by Brazilian police.

The message, which purports to be from the Irish Olympic legal counsel to Pat Hickey was released following the IOC president's release this morning. 

Police from Rio's Civil Police Fraud Unit went to Mr Hickey's hotel in the Barra da Tijuca neighbourhood of the Brazilian city..

The email reads: 

Following is advice of ‘name removed’ who is the senior counsel I spoke to last night who is an expert in this area:

In general, Shane Ross needs to be “put back in his box”.

You should say that at the moment an Irishman has been charged by the Brazilian authorities and is fundamentally entitled to due process and to the presumption of innocence.

You should highlight how inappropriate it is for politicians to be working to a political agenda (for example by saying in the media that these tickets were “on the black market”) when a judicial process is currently underway.

The OCI is an autonomous organisation and is currently conducting its own investigation into the matter and will do free of any outside interference.

The OCI appointment of Pro10 as the OCI’s ATR leading to the arrest of Mr. Mallon and for this reason it is inappropriate and unnecessary for any external people to be appointed to its investigation.

While the OCI will be happy to make public the findings of its own investigation (and it is currently awaiting answers from ROCOG, the IOC and Pro10), it must for now be extremely careful not to release any information into the public domain any information which could potentially “taint” the judicial process currently underway in Brazil.

It is of the utmost importance that proper procedures are followed in this matter.

 If a committee of parliament (whether PAC or the Transport, Tourism and Sport Committee or any other Committee) wishes to investigate this matter then that Committee needs to corresponde with the OCI’s solicitors setting out (i) the legal basis for such investigation and (ii) the terms of reference and the OCI will respond accordingly.