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Dwyer's 'girlfriend' has found love with another notorious prisoner

Crime DeskBy Shuki Byrne
Leon Wright and Andreenkova
Leon Wright and Andreenkova

Killer Graham Dwyer's so-called 'girlfriend' has spoken of her new love - with another one of Ireland's notorious prisoners.

Victoria Andreenkova (38), who seems to have a particular fascination with violent prisoners, says she has struck up a relationship with inmate Leon Wright (27).  

Wright is one of Ireland's most volatile prisoners and is routinely involved in incidents in the jail where he is incarcerated. 

Yesterday, it was reported jail bosses at Portlaoise Prison had shelled out hundreds of euros on a new Playstation 3 for him. 

The extremely violent individual was just a teenager jailed for 10 years in March 2007 for a litany of violent crimes, including robbery, hijacking, assault and threatening to kill gardai.

He is considered so dangerous he is shadowed by riot squad officers whenever he leaves his cell. He has been moved to a cell closer to the gym as bosses try to limit his interaction with other inmates. 

However, Ms Andreenkova says she believes the inmate has a 'soft side' after she spoke with him on two occasions over the phone. 

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In one on the discussions, the Russian woman tells of how Wright called Dwyer a "sick bastard" and that he wanted to "rip his head off".

"Leon asked me not to go see Graham again, and he has made me see my senses. In the past few months I don't think I was living in the real world with regards to Graham," she said. 

She told the Star Dwyer was devastated when she told him she was removing herself from the visitor's list at Midlands Prison. 

"He was really sad. He told me he really loved me and that I was giving up on me too soon." 

"But I don't want to see Graham again. It is Leon I now want to see."

Wright has attacked more than two dozen guards in his nine years behind bars. In one incident he broke a guard's nose . 

He has over 220 complaints against him in prison since being incarcerated for two violent attacks in Dublin city. Between prison stints he has racked up dozens of convictions for assault, firearm offences and robberies. 

The 27-year-old stabbed two people in completely random attacks on Grafton Street in 2013. He was out on bail when the attacks occurred.