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Dwyer placed on high alert suicide watch

Graham Dwyer's mugshot
Graham Dwyer's mugshot

Monster Graham Dwyer is checked every 15 minutes in his prison cell by a dedicated officer in the highest security alert ever put on an inmate in an Irish jail.

The 42-year-old architect is listed as a ‘protected prisoner’ and has been put on ‘pre-movement medical alert’ as he is deemed to be at high risk of suicide.

But in an unprecedented move by the Irish Prison Service, an extra officer was placed on night duty outside his cell to mind him after he was said to be “bowled over” by the guilty verdict delivered by a jury earlier.

Today one of the world’s leading experts in serial killers, Professor David Wilson, tells us that Dwyer would kill again.

“Would he have gone on to kill again? Definitely,” Wilson said.  

“For Dwyer the ultimate fantasy is to be a mask-wearing uber serial killer who could slip into a woman’s bedroom and kill her.”

Yesterday, Dwyer’s father Sean loyally arrived at Cloverhill Prison to offer support to his son – the only friend he has left in the world. He arrived at the prison after 10am, around the same time as Frank O’Hara visited his daughter’s grave.

Sources say Dwyer is a “lone wolf” who had remained confident he would be released right up until the last minute. As he was led into court for the verdict to be delivered, he quipped: “Where’s good for a pint tonight?”

But after he was found guilty and led away to serve what will be a mandatory life sentence, his demeanour worried prison authorities as he became very quiet and pensive.

Dwyer will not be allowed back to his job in the kitchen, where he has had access to knives. Sources revealed he has been observed by fellow prisoners visibly aroused while preparing food with a blade.

Meanwhile, gardai are continuing to probe any involvement Dwyer may have had into other unsolved murders, rapes and cases of missing women.

No links have yet been found, but information is being collated from all over the country. He was a person of interest in the murder of Raonaid Murray but was ruled out.

Raonaid Murray

He had targeted a number of would-be victims, including an estate agent, a prostitute, female hill-walkers and suicidal American Darci Day, whose evidence helped convict him. 

It has also emerged that it was an ex-bondage lover, a high-profile solicitor, who tipped officers off to his preferences as they investigated the discovery of Elaine O’Hara’s remains. She was not called to give evidence due to her mental state.

She was taped by Dwyer after they met on a fetish website, but it is understood she put ‘two and two’ together after the body was found.

Dwyer was refused bail in the run-up to his trial on evidence given by Chief Superintendent Diarmuid O’Sullivan, who said he feared he would act out the fantasies he viewed the night before his arrest.

It is understood that his ex-partner Emer McShea had been terrified by him for years and had to leave her home on a number of occasions to hide from him.

Dwyer downloaded twisted images of the body of a murdered 17-year-old girl who was immobilised, stabbed and mutilated up to 80 times. She is believed to be a pregnant Brazilian teen named Jessica Dos Santos.

Dwyer viewed the pictures the night before gardai arrived to arrest him in October 2013.

He wanted to be released to stay with his parents who live in Bandon, Co. Cork, but Chief Superintendent O’Sullivan said he feared Dwyer would interfere with witnesses if given bail and be involved in a crime “up to and including murder”.

He said there was a “general air of fear” emanating from witnesses.

He added that he believed he would flee to evade justice after telling gardai he was mortified about the prospect of his sordid secret life becoming public and would have nothing to “stay for” if he lost his family.

Today, criminal profiler Professor David Wilson tells the Sunday World he has no doubt that Dwyer would kill again if he ever gets out of jail.

Wilson says that Dwyer is a classic ‘picquerist’ – a person who gains sexual pleasure out of stabbing and is motivated by the sight, smell and even taste of blood.

“For Dwyer, the ultimate fantasy is to be a mask wearing uber serial killer who could slip into a woman’s bedroom and captivate her as well as kill her and still escape,” he says. “It gives everyone the shivers because these views are abhorrent.”

Professor Wilson, who is interviewed as part of a Sunday World documentary ‘The Blood Lust Killer’, which can be viewed on today, says the cult movie Fifty Shades of Grey and BBC series The Fall have mainstreamed a male rape fantasy.

“I think what the Dwyer case reveals is that BDSM has become very mainstreamed and normalised and almost banal. People imagine it is sexy and fascinating. In fact it is dangerous and difficult at extremes. 

“I was equally as shocked by The Fall as I was by Fifty Shades. Here they had a strong female character – a decorated police officer – played by the actress Gillian Anderson. Yet the director never ceased to find a situation to show her in her underwear or swimming.

“Like sexual fetishes I think we have to stand up and say this is not okay. This isn’t about lifestyle, this is about really appalling behaviour that leads to women being murdered.

“Most of the serial killers I have had dealings with start small and evolve. Nearer to when they are caught large gaps in the time between kills become narrower. 

“With Dwyer I think he was in the middle of a large gap. The fantasy of that first murder would have been enough to sustain him psychologically for quite a period of time.

“Would he have gone on to kill again? Definitely. Would that fantasy be enough if he hadn’t been caught? No. If he hadn’t been caught that evolution as a killer would have continued.”

It is understood that Dwyer has named his wife Gemma as his next of kin to prison authorities, but the mother of two of his children wants nothing more to do with her former husband.