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Dumbrell drugs drop provided cover for Kinahan thug prison romp

Warren Dumbrell
Warren Dumbrell

A HEROIN drop to convicted killer Warren Dumbrell provided cover for an alleged Kinahan Cartel killer to have sex with a visitor in the Midlands Prison, the Sunday World can reveal.

Authorities investigating a sex act between the inmate and a visitor believe it occurred after the supervising officer was called out of the room to assist with intercepting a drugs drop intended for Dumbrell.

Sources have confirmed to the Sunday World that Dumbrell, who is serving life for the brutal murder of Christoper Cawley in Inchicore in 2011, was receiving a visit from a female when the drugs drop was spotted.

“An officer monitoring Dumbrell’s visit spotted a package being handed over to him by a female visitor,” the source explained.

“The supervising officer immediately directed officers to intercept the drop and retrieve the parcel, which subsequently proved to contain cannabis and a brown powder suspected to be heroin.

“In a neighbouring room a second inmate, currently on remand in connection with a feud-related murder, was receiving a visit from a female.

“The officer who was supervising that visit was distracted by the fact the drugs drop had been uncovered in the neighbouring visiting room.

“During this period the inmate took advantage of the opportunity to engage in a sex act with his visitor.

“When officers realised what was happening they immediately moved to separate the pair.”

Sources confirmed that both the cartel killing suspect and Dumbrell are now the subject of P19 disciplinary proceedings within the prison.

Dumbrell, who was until last year being kept on 23-hour lockdown, is currently on a scaled-back segregation regime that allow him association with other inmates for up to six hours a day.

The thug was a ringleader in the infamous 1997 Mountjoy Siege, in which prison officers were taken hostage and subjected to terrifying mock executions.

The alleged cartel killer caught having sex had been under protection in the prison from both associates of the Hutch crime grouping and Republicans.

It is understood that prior to Tuesday’s incident in the jail he had threatened a prison officer that he would put a €100,000 hit out on his head.

The thug has since been transferred to Mountjoy Prison.