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Dublin Traveller gang dispute escalates with shooting and petrol bombing

Dublin Traveller gang dispute escalates with shooting and petrol bombing

A bitter "turf" dispute between two organised crime gangs involved in the stolen car trade has led to a shooting and a petrol bomb incident.

The opposing factions are based in the Ballymun and Baldoyle areas of the capital's northside, and sources have revealed that tensions remain high after a petrol bomb was thrown into the Ballymun site at the start of this month.

This followed an earlier incident in which shots were fired at a site in the Baldoyle area.

Both gangs consist of Traveller criminals, who previously worked together until a major cash disagreement occurred over a month ago.

"They are essentially rowing over turf, over which gang gets to control certain parts of the city," a source told the Herald.

The gangs are taking in huge amounts of money in a sophisticated scam involving high-quality forged NCT certs and other documents.

Gardai have launched a number of investigations into the gangs, who are stealing cars after being contacted by members of the public who have seen advertisements offering to buy their vehicles.

The main players in the Ballymun mob are a father and son, and it is understood that some of their closest associates have played a major role in a bitter Traveller feud in the Midlands that has been brewing for over a year in which there have been a number of non-fatal shootings.

The dispute kicked off when a member of the Ballymun faction was the victim of a double-cross organised by the other mob in the Clonshaugh area last month.

Sources have revealed that the victim arrived at the north Dublin location after receiving a phone call to view a car.

However, when he arrived, there was no car for sale and he was surrounded by around half a dozen men who attacked him and used pepper spray on him.

It is understood that the thugs took around €1,500 in cash from the man and that they assaulted him before he was finally able to flee the scene.

"This incident directly led to the petrol bomb and shooting attacks. No-one was injured in these later incidents and the situation has been relatively calm since," a source said.

Ken Foy