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Dublin shopkeeper turns to social media to track down armed robber

The image posted on the Facebook page
The image posted on the Facebook page

A DUBLIN shopkeeper has turned to Facebook to track down a brazen armed raider who tried to rob his store twice in one day.

Liam Boyd, who runs Centra in Huntstown, was left frustrated after the same man terrified his staff twice on Tuesday. He put up his picture online in the hope someone would notice his distinctive, paint-stained clothing.

The post has now been seen tens of thousands of times and members of the public have contacted the store to say they think they know the identity of the culprit.

Liam told the Sunday World that the man, who he believes is between the age of 18 to 25, attempted the first robbery at 8:08am on Tuesday.

“He came in with a sharp knife and had bolt cutters. He threatened the staff behind the till. When she couldn’t open the till he went in behind the counter and started hammering the till out of it to try and open it. They don’t open like that so he didn’t get anything and he left the shop.”

He made his getaway through a local school and gardaí missed him by just 20 seconds as they sped to the shop.

“He’s obviously a local lad. He came back later that evening at 7.20pm just with different trousers on. He had the same top, the same hoodie and gloves. The security guard spotted him and closed the doors before he got in. He started hammering the doors out of it, but couldn’t get into the shop so he stormed off.”

The guards responded again, but failed to find the culprit.

Liam said the robberies left one the staff members traumatised that he’d come back again.

“The girl on the till he threatened the first time was very shook up by it. The most important thing is she wasn’t hurt.

Liam said he is hopeful someone will recognise the man from his clothes.

“There was paint on the bottoms and on the top left side of his hoodie. He was wearing the same blue runners and hoodie both times.

“If someone comes in here and does the same thing with their face visible we’ll put it up online as well. It might make people think it will go viral and they don’t want to end up with everyone seeing it.”