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Dublin “con man” in ISIS link

Dublin “con man” in ISIS link

GARDAI are investigating links between a Dublin-based suspected fraudster and the financing of Islamic State.

The man, who is originally from Libya but is living in Clonee in Dublin, is at the centre of a €100,000 fraud probe.

While Gardaí were investigating the fraud allegations they discovered potential links between him and the funding of the Islamic State group.

There are now concerns that the man is involved in financial crimes here to help fund the terror organisation.

The investigation is Gardaí investigate suspected financier at centre of €100k fraud probe at an early stage, but if convicted the man is likely to be jailed before being deported.

Gardaí have stepped up efforts to crack down on terror networks in the wake of recent attacks in the U.K. and other European countries.

There have been a number of arrests of individuals here in recent weeks as part of probes into links between individuals based in Ireland and Middle Eastern terror groups.

London Bridge terrorist Rachid Redouane married his wife in Dublin in 2012 and lived here for some time.

Gardaí arrested two men in Wexford and Limerick with suspected links to Redouane in the aftermath of the London attacks.

Both men had been using documentation in the name of Redouane, including a PPS number, but were not suspected of any involvement in the attack.

However, Gardaí have made arrests of a number of people suspected of links to terror groups here.

Last month, Gardaí swooped on an apartment in south Dublin and arrested a Moroccan man suspected of involvement in money laundering.

He was released without charge, but arrested again this month and served with a deportation order.

A man based in Ireland who was suspected of being an IS recruiter was deported to Jordan last year. His lawyers are planning to appeal that decision.

There have been other arrests in Dublin and Waterford in recent weeks as part of investigations into possible Islamic extremists.

Hasan Bal (25), was charged with providing funds for a terror organisation after he was arrested in Waterford.

Gardaí have identified dozens of people suspected of supporting Islamic terror in Ireland.

Some have travelled abroad to fight with terror groups while others are suspected of providing financial and logistical support.

Others are also suspected of plotting terror attacks here and abroad.

An Algerian-born convicted Islamic terrorist is currently in custody in Wheatfield Prison facing deportation from the country.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has used at least six different names since arriving here 20 years ago and has been linked to Al Qaeda.

The 56-year-old is currently challenging his deportation in the Supreme Court, claiming his terror links were “made up”.

Khalid Kelly, from the Liberties in Dublin, blew himself up in Iraq last year in a suicide attack in which he was the only casualty.

Kelly, who was calling himself Abu Usama Al-Irlandi before his death, was originally known as Terence and converted to Islam while in prison in Saudi Arabia for making and transporting alcohol.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has indicated that he will set up a group similar to Cobra – the U.K.’s crisis response committee – within 50 days of assuming office.

His spokesman said it would allow greater ministerial involvement in managing security threats