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Dublin born terrorist blew himself up defending ISIS sex slave camp

Khalid Kelly
Khalid Kelly

DUBLINER Khalid Kelly tried to recruit Irish ‘martyrs’ with an obese terror suspect months before he travelled to Iraq and blew himself up trying to defend ISIS’s sex-slave camps two days ago.

On Friday, Kelly – who was born and bred in Dublin 8 in the south inner-city – became the first Irish person to blow himself up in a sucide bombing as part of the bloody war for Iraq.

A propaganda channel for ISIS later claimed the blast on the outskirts of Mosul had claimed the lives of ‘tens’ of Shia fighters although the claim has not been confirmed.

The trained nurse was in a modified amoured car laden with explosives which exploded in Tal Afar, near Mosul, where ISIS fighters are involved in a desperate battle with Iraqi forces. 

Images from the video purporting to show Kelly's suicide bombing 

Tal Afar is, notoriously, the home of ISIS’s sex-slave camps – where more than where 3,500 women and children were being kept in five detention camps.

Before leaving Ireland for good earlier this year, ex-altar boy Kelly (49) had been acting as an advisor to the bloated Middle-Eastern terror boss who was deported earlier this year following a high-profile legal battle.

Gardai believe the extremist pair were involved in attempting to recruit young Irish Muslims to travel to Iraq to fight with ISIS.

The Sunday World can today reveal for the first time how:

Kelly supported an obese ISIS recruiter during his recent deportation court case;

Kelly used secret and encrypted WhatsApp groups to drum up support for ISIS in this country; and

Senior Muslim clerics feared he was plotting a major terrorist attack in this country.

On Saturday night Islamic State posted pictures online showing the Liberties-born former altar boy – who previously claimed to have ‘a divine calling to kill’ – posing in front of an explosives-laden armoured van together with an announcement he’d died in a suicide bombing.

Kelly talking to the Sunday World 

According to a release by Isis and later broadcast by Al Jazeera, Kelly died when he and four other jihadists drove the armoured truck laden with explosives at an Iraqi militia group on Friday.

The jihadist group released a picture of the bearded Kelly standing in front of a vehicle and clutching a Kalashnikov rifle.

It referred to him by the nom de guerre Abu Osama Irelandi.   

“Brother martyr Abu Osama Irelandi, may Allah accept his soul, attacked a group of animals from the Hashd [Shia militia] in the village of Ghzayel Al-Kabir,” the statement said.

Another picture purported to show the moment Kelly’s vehicle exploded south of the village of Tal Afar, west of Mosul, the last ISIS stronghold inside Iraq.

Yesterday Khalid’s mum and brother - who live in the Dublin 8 area - refused to comment on their family member’s reported death with neighbours saying the family had no contact with him in recent years,

Sources yesterday confirmed to the Sunday World that Kelly was a close friend, advisor and confidant to the alleged terror recruiter booted out of this country in July.

The tubby terror boss was suspected by gardai of having dispatched his own son to Syria where he died and later hooking up with Kelly in a bid to recruit more ‘martyrs’ for their sadistic ideologies.

The Middle Eastern man was regarded as the foremost organiser and facilitator of travel by extremists prepared to undertake violent action on behalf of Isis and its “main recruiter” in Ireland.

Kelly was a close friend of the tubby terrorist and was spotted by security services attending repeated court appearances with the Jordanian in his failed bid to prevent extradition.

He didn’t attend the proceedings when they resumed in June.

Separately Dr Umar Al Qadri, head of the Islamic Centre in Ireland, yesterday confirmed to the Sunday World how Khalid was uncovered fomenting support for Isil through WhatsApp group during the  extremist’s  extradition proceedings.

“The Islamic community in Ireland had isolated Kelly and made it clear he was not welcome after he began expressing such horrific and dangerous ideologies.

“To be honest when I heard the news this morning I was relieved.

“The danger with Khalid Kelly was that I feared it was only a matter of time before he carried out a major terrorist atrocity in this country.

“The hatred he had for this country, the country he was born and raised in, was appalling and I am relieved that this threat is no more.

“He was a ticking time-bomb.

“And we simply have no way of knowing how many dozens of young people he was influencing.

“We do know he was on WhatsApp groups garnering support for ISIS because I confronted him on one of these groups myself last year.

“People on the group were discussing ISIS and then this person began saying how great they were and what good things they were doing for ISIS.

“I asked if it was Khalid Kelly and when he said it was,

“Kelly is not a martyr, suicide is an ‘unforgiven’ in Islam, he was a lunatic.”

Kelly – who spoke with the Sunday World on numerous occasions – bragged to us in November of last year that Islamic State ‘caliphate’ was at war with Europe that it was only a matter of time before ISIS waged Jihad in Ireland.