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Drug dealer who survived gangland hit makes bizarre complaint to Gardai

Jason Kearns
Jason Kearns

A CRIMINAL who survived a gangland murder hit has made a bizarre complaint against gardai for failing to notify him of a threat against his life to GSOC.

Despite not co-operating with officers in their investigation, drug dealer Jason Kearns has claimed gardai should have told him of a threat against his life before he was shot.

Dad-of-one Kearns (30) has recovered after being shot in the arm and back but has refused to assist gardai in their investigation.

The Herald can reveal Kearns is bizarrely blaming gardai for not giving him information that he was about to be shot.

Sources say Kearns believes that he was entitled to be officially warned of a threat on his life – despite gardai having no such information before the shooting on August 21 in Crumlin.

This warning is known as a Garda Information Message – a GIM form – and is an official document in which officers give formal notice that they are aware of a threat to a person’s life or safety.

Sources say that Kearns was targeted by a local drugs gang because of a bitter dispute.

It is understood he has claimed he does not know why he was targeted.

Kearns was shot when he took a break from watching a Conor McGregor fight on TV in an upstairs room and went down into his kitchen.

A gunman appeared from the back garden and shot him twice, hitting him in the arm and back.

He was rushed to St James’s Hospital, where he was treated for a number of days.

Sources at the time said it was a “miracle” that Kearns had survived the hit, which has left a bullet lodged in his lower back.

Kearns was convicted earlier this year of possessing €35,000 worth of cannabis and cocaine.

The court heard how he had been put under pressure to hold the drugs after a criminal gang threatened his brother.

Judge Melanie Greally said it was “a borderline case” but accepted that Kearns had fully co-operated with the gardai and had minor previous convictions before she imposed the five-year sentence, which she suspended in full on strict conditions.

Jason Kearns told officers he had been made store the drugs because of a debt his brother had run up after drugs he had been holding were seized by gardai.

His lawyer said Kearns had worked in retail management, as a lifeguard and in a sports shop but he was on social welfare at the time of his arrest.

Counsel said Kearns’s brother was “out of the jurisdiction” because threats had been made against him.

Kearns was then put under pressure to take on his brother’s drug debt.