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Dramatic details of how brave passer-by tried to stop Kinahan cartel hit in Dublin

The burned out car found nearby being taken away
The burned out car found nearby being taken away

A brave passer-by threw a brick at a Kinahan cartel hitman as he tried to assassinate an innocent member of the Hutch family last week.

Eyewitnesses say that it was nothing short of a miracle that Johnny Hutch, who has no involvement in crime, survived Friday’s early evening shooting, during which a gunman wearing a ski-mask fired off eight bullets.

He approached Johnny at the back of his house at Drumalee Park at 5.25pm and started firing, but the pensioner ran for the safety of the steel door and managed to slam it shut. The gunman continued to fire at the door and an upstairs window.

The Sunday World can reveal that a passer-by raced to the aid of the Monk’s brother when he saw what was happening, threw a rock at the hitman and then gave chase. 

However, during the pursuit he fell, breaking his ankle. The brave man was stretchered from the scene as a burnt-out Opel Corsa was discovered dumped in Regal Park less than one kilometre away.

In a bizarre sequence of events, a garda who had arrived on the scene instantly gave chase to the fleeing gunman, but he too was injured when he accidentally landed on a wasp nest during the pursuit. He was also recovering in hospital after being stung by dozens of wasps.

“Johnny was walking out the back gate shortly after 5.20pm when the gunman, who was wearing a ski-mask, approached on foot and opened fire,” a source told the Sunday World.

“Johnny immediately realised what was happening and raced back into the garden, slamming the steel door behind him. The gunman fired a total of eight shots, with at least one going through the upstairs back window of the house.

“As Johnny sought refuge inside the property an onlooker fired a stone in the direction of the gunman but he fell over and broke his ankle.”

The first of a number of gardaí, who are maintaining a strong presence in the area, to arrive at the scene spotted the gunman fleeing on foot and gave chase.

“He was literally on top of him when he landed on a wasps nest and was repeatedly stung after hopping over a wall,” the onlooker told us.

“He tried to continue the pursuit, but suffered an allergic reaction to the stings and had to be taken to the Mater Hospital for treatment.”

Sources confirmed that after successfully fleeing the scene, the gunman raced to a waiting red Opel Corsa before speeding up Blackhorse Avenue and dumping the car in a laneway next to a house at the entrance to Regal Park.

Shockingly, the subsequent blaze melted the gutters and scorched the gable of the house, inside which a young family with children are living.

A neighbour said the blaze could easily have spread to the house were it not for the fact neighbours quickly alerted the fire brigade.