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Dodgy gas meter installer has face sliced open over "unpaid debt"

James McLoughlin
James McLoughlin

Dodgy gas meter installer James McLoughlin was recovering in hospital last night after a brutal cycle by face slashing incident in the south inner city.

The 43-year-old ex-plumber, who pleaded guilty earlier this year to criminal damage of two Bord Gais meters and an ESB meter, was sliced in the face shortly after 10:20am yesterday morning.

The incident occurred on Swift’s Alley as he left his partner’s apartment in the Liberties.

The attack was in relation to an unpaid debt and that the assailant lay in wait for his victim to emerge from the Dublin 8 flat, according to reports in the Irish Daily Star. 

McLoughlin was taken to St James’s Hospital for treatment, while his attacker escaped.

“It was a brutal assault that saw the victim suffer substantial injuries that will probably leave his scarred for life”, a source said.

“The type of injuries sustained and type of attack wouldn’t be uncommon for someone who owes money. It’s usually a warning.”

McLoughlin, a grandfather of two, bragged about offering “cheaper” energy services while putting his cash strapped customers at risk.

According to engineers, the work he carried out of gas metres was extremely dangerous, leaving his clients at risk of electrocution, gas leaks and explosions.