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Detectives warned of risk as they monitor under threat crime boss

Threat: The feud was ignited after the murder of Alan Ryan in 2012
Threat: The feud was ignited after the murder of Alan Ryan in 2012

Gardai have officially be informed their own lives are at risk as they attempt to keep a lid on a feud sparked by the murder of Alan Ryan.

According to a report in the Irish Daily Star, garda management have told elite detectives to take extra precautions. 

Gardai have assigned officers to the case of a major gangland figure, known as Mr Big', who is in imminent danger of being targeted by his enemies. 

The criminal is at war with dissidents over the murder of Alan Ryan, and gardai have recently spotted terrorists casing his house in the capital. Officers believe the north Dublin crime boss is also being followed. 

Sources told the publication gardai believe an attempt on his life is imminent and management have taken the rare step of warning their officers on the ground to take caution in case they get caught up in an attack. 

"There is real danger surrounding him at the moment," a source said. 

"Members of the force have been told [by garda management] to be very wary when checking his bail or are on him. 

"There is fear something may happen to him when they are around him."

The gangster is currently before the courts and is the subject of interest from the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB). 

He is aware his life is in danger and alters his routes when being driven around the city. Dissidents blame him for the murder of Alan Ryan in 2012 and are intent on getting revenge. 

Gardai believed the feud ignited after the murder had died down, but now have intelligence each side is plotting against the other. 

Ryan's supporters, who have been largely expelled from the Real IRA, have vowed retribution. 

It's understood elite armed detectives are patrolling areas in north Dublin in a bid to keep a lid on simmering tensions.