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'Del Boy' Hutch kicked out of the Joy

'Del Boy' Hutch kicked out of the Joy

NOTORIOUS gangland killer Derek ‘Del Boy’ Hutch has been forced to go under a protection regime in Wheatfield prison after authorities in Mountjoy booted him out of the prison.

The Sunday World has learned how in the wake of a shiv attack on Hutch on Mountjoy’s C-Wing last weekend, authorities invoked rule 62 of the Irish Prison System’s regulations to force him out of the jail.

“On Monday Hutch was taken out of the prison and placed in a prison transport,” a source told The Sunday World.

“Two of the prison governors then went down to him in the yard and told him they were invoking rule 62, which relates to keeping ‘good order’ in the prison.

“They basically told him his presence in Mountjoy was not just a threat to his own well-being, but was threatening the well-being and safety of staff and other inmates.

“He was sent down to Wheatfield, where he has been placed on an enforced protection regime.”

Hutch’s exit came a day after the Sunday World revealed the details of a shocking shiv attack on the 27-year-old the previous Friday.

It was the second hit on Hutch – who is being targeted by associates of the Kinahan crime cartel – to occur in the prison in three months.

We revealed how Hutch would have been killed in the attack were it not for the intervention of gangland killer Craig White and Tipperary raider Patrick Gately.

Hutch’s attackers, including notorious Crumlin gun-for-hire Daniel Prenderville, entered his cell and attacked him with a shiv, before White and Gately entered and waged a bloody punch-up in Hutch’s defence.