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Mountjoy lags who shivved Hutch moved for their own safety

Gary and Del Boy Hutch
Gary and Del Boy Hutch

TWO PRISON inmates who were involved in savage attempts on the life of Derek ‘Del Boy’ Hutch were yesterday moved into protection over fears they are now “dead men walking”.

A source yesterday confirmed to the Sunday World that inmates Jamie Griffin and Daniel Prenderville were moved on to protection after their cells were unlocked in Mountjoy Prison yesterday morning.

Daniel Prenderville

This news comes in the wake of Hutch himself being moved to a special protection wing in Wheatfield prison where he currently resides.

Both Griffin and Prenderville were involved in savage shiv attacks on Del Boy in recent months, following the murder of his brother Gary in Spain last September.

The Sunday World revealed last November how Del Boy survived a shocking prison shiv attack in his cell after being attacked by Crumlin gun-for-hire Prenderville.

Armed with a toothbrush with razor blades melted into the handle, Prenderville and another inmate were about to begin carving Hutch up when gangland killer Craig White and violent Tipperary raider Patrick Gately entered the cell and waged a bloody punch-up in Hutch’s defence.

In October, Hutch was set on by brothers Jamie and Leon Griffin in the A-wing exercise yard in Mountjoy prison.

The pair produced concealed ‘shivs’ before pouncing on him.

Both attempted hits were believed to have been carried out on the orders of the Kinahan Cartel.

A source told The Sunday World: “After the cells were opened up both Griffin and Prenderville were put on protection.

“Friday’s shooting at The Regency has led prison authorities to believe anyone who has crossed the Hutch family is now in the cross-hairs. Bizarrely both Griffin and Prenderville later asked to come off protection saying they do not believe they are at risk.”