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Dead gangster’s moll has an eye for bad boys

Caoimhe Robinson
Caoimhe Robinson

Blonde bombshell Caoimhe Robinson has been through the mill for her love of bad boys.

Just five years ago, shortly after giving birth, her life was turned upside down when her then partner Michael ‘Micka’ Kelly was gunned down outside her west Dublin home. He was on his way to visit their new baby boy.

Caoimhe was distraught and at his funeral she wept while holding their son who would grow up never knowing his father.

Caoimhe enjoyed lavish holidays with 'Micka' Kelly

But time is a great healer and when the stunner caught the eye of one of the biggest figures in organised crime she soon found it in her heart to find love again – with mob boss Daniel Kinahan.

After Kelly’s death, it seemed that her world of flash holidays and expensive clothes had come to a bitter end.

While she was distraught with grief, for others, the end of the blood-soaked reign of the crime lord known as ‘the Panda’ hadn’t come quick enough.

Michael ‘Micka’ Kelly was a gangland thug to the core. The prolific drug dealer had terrorised entire communities while growing rich off the spoils of his trade.

He ordered murders in a similar manner to the way others would ring for a pizza.

Among his many victims were; innocent Keith Fitzsimons, shot in June 2006 in a case of mistaken identity, gangland figure Anthony ‘Anto’ Russell - Sherriff Street rapist Christy Griffin’s right-hand man – who was gunned down in Artane in 2008 and rival drug dealer Anthony Foster.

But by far his most gruesome crime was the double cross that led to the murder of David ‘Babyface’ Lindsay and his pal Alan Napper who were last seen alive in Clane in County Kildare.

Caoimhe got a taste for the trappings of criminal life 

Kelly was close pals with Lindsay and Napper who controlled a large part of the drugs trade in North-West Dublin.

However, itis understood that Kelly enlisted the help of hitman for hire Eric ‘Lucky’ Wilson to help him in the torture and dismemberment of  the duo because he did not wish to pay them a drugs debt he owed.

When he wasn’t bulldozing his way through gangland, however, Kelly was a doting dad and a loving partner. He began dating Caoimhe after his relationship with the mother of his two other children broke down.

The pair enjoyed expensive holidays together and socialised with other underworld players and their partners. Caoimhe formed a close bond with the partner of Dublin’s Mr Big – a violent drug dealer who cannot be named for legal reasons.

She was a regular visitor to Marbella where Kelly’s mob mixed with the Kinahan cartel. But in 2011 it all came to an end in a hail of bullets outside Caoimhe’s apartment in Clongriffin.

Daniel Kinahan

Kelly had returned from Spain to visit Caoimhe and their new child when Real IRA brothers Alan and Vinny Ryan ambushed him. It was a Thursday afternoon shortly after 1pm when he was gunned down with an AK 47 assault rifle.

Both Ryans would later die in similar circumstances themselves.

His execution was the most significant gangland killing since the shooting of Eamonn ‘the Don’ Dunne outside the Faussagh House pub in Cabra a year previous.

Friends say that Caoimhe was devastated after the murder of Kelly but has since picked herself back up and has yet again featured in Garda intelligence.

Now officers believe that she had been enjoying visits at her home from mob boss Daniel Kinahan who was collated spending time with her before the Regency Hotel attack.

Daniel who has been lying low for months as his life is under threat is understood to have fallen for Caoimhe’s ample charms after the pair met regularly in Marbella and in Dublin.

However, the blossoming romance has been put on ice as a result of the Kinahan/Hutch feud.

Caoimhe is just one of many women caught up in the gangland war which erupted in Dublin in February.

‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson’s long-term relationship with wife Vicky Dempsey has also come under pressure and he has been seeking solace with another gangsters moll.

Drug dealer Gareth Chubb juggles a complicated love life and has been recently linked to pretty Shauna Martin – a daughter of the notorious drug dealer and killer Paul ‘Farmer’ Martin who was shot dead at the Jolly Toper pub in Finglas back in 2008.

Micka Kelly

His pal Liam Byrne, a brother of murdered David Byrne, is a one woman man when it comes to his pretty wife Simoan McEnroe. He lavishes the brunette with gifts and is said to be besotted by her.

Gangland women are notoriously glamorous and spend time, effort and vast amounts of money on hair extensions,  fake tans and keeping their figures trim for their men.

Like everything in the underworld they live an insecure life – because there are plenty more only clamouring to get into their Louboutin heels.