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"Dave Mahon's a compulsive liar who lured my son to his death"

Dave Mahon and Audry
Dave Mahon and Audry

THE heartbroken father of knife victim Dean FItzpatrick last night claimed killer Dave Mahon was a "compulsive liar" who "lured" his son to his death.

Mahon (45), spent last night in a cell in Cloverhill Prison after a jury on Friday decided it did not believe his lies that Dean had committed suicide by running into a knife he was brandishing.

Instead, the 12-man jury convicted him of manslaughter after hearing details of how Mahon "gutted" 23-year-old-Dean.

During the two-week trial, Mahon's wife Audrey turned up every day to support the man who was responsible for her son's death.

Speaking for the first time since Mahon's conviction, dad Christopher said Mahon deliberately tried to blacken his name in court.

Christopher Fitzpatrick holds a picture of dean with Christine Kenny

He said: "He's sent away now, which is the main thing,

"He got no bail, which is a good thing as well. He's a killer. Dean would never have deliberately killed himself as he loved his young son Leon and wanted to be there for him. Mahon is a compulsive liar."

Christopher was in Dean’s company on May 26, 2013, when he got the fateful call from Mahon to go to the apartment he shared with Audrey.

"Mahon lured Dean up to the apartment the night he was killed," explains Christopher.

"I was with Dean when he got phone calls from Mahon."

Mahon claimed that he wanted to question Dean about the disappearance of a water bottle from his motorbike. However, Christopher said his son told him that night that he had to leave to talk to Mahon about his mother.

Christopher said he was not allowed present this evidence in court, as it was regarded as hearsay. 

"When Dean was leaving after getting the call, he said to me, 'it's my ma, it's my ma, I have to go, I have to go'."

Christopher explained that Audrey would not talk directly to Dean and instead used Mahon as a conduit.

"I believe she put Mahon first, not Dean," he insisted.

Christopher and his estranged wife Audrey had two children, Dean and Amy, before splitting when the kids were young. 

After hooking up with Mahon, Audrey brought her two kids to live with them in Spain – where her daughter Amy mysteriously disappeared on January 1, 2008, and has not been seen since.

Amy Fitzpatrick

Amy's secret diaries, which are in the Sunday World's possession, reveal that the troubled teen wrote of "bust-ups" with Mahon and Audrey, forcing her to flee to friends' homes and forage in bins.

She described Mahon as a "stupid, bald, ugly w***er".

Christopher also said Mahon tried to smear Dean in his evidence, saying he had "his father's genes".

Christopher claims this is a reference to him having a mental illness, and that Mahon was trying to claim this played a part in Christopher's "suicide".

"He was basically saying that Dean has a mental illness, because I have one, I'm bipolar," brave Christopher reveals. "My mental illness doesn't necessarily go from generation to generation. I take tablets for it and I'm fine."

Christopher now hopes Mahon gets "the sentence he deserves" for killing his son.

"It's definitely been stressful, but he's been convicted and the next part is the sentence. Hopefully it's a proper sentence that he gets, not a couple of years or anything like that.

"I'm happy with the verdict to a certain extent, but I would have preferred a murder conviction.

"Dean was unlawfully killed. The sentence hearing is on May 30. Justice has been done. It has been a traumatic time for us. It has taken so much out of us."

Christine Kenny, Dean's aunt, said she is shocked at Audrey's behaviour, including her visit to Cloverhill on Saturday to visit the man who killed her son.

"It's so unnatural, in my opinion," she noted. "You know the love your parents have for you, and I know the love I have for my children, and no man would come before them."

Christine said the way Dean was portrayed by Mahon and his defence team in court was a "downright disgrace" and she is glad that justice has been "somewhat done".

"They made Dean out to be a monster in the court. So why didn't they go into his [Mahon's] background for drink driving?"

Christine also remembers the last day she spent in Dean's company, the day before he died.

"The last day I was out with him, Christopher was after getting a suit made for his son's communion," she explains.

"Dean came down with us and we went into a shop and he said to me, 'You see those red runners, me and red runners don't get on at all'.

"My heart went out to him, so I said 'go on, get them' and I paid for them. Then I said we'd go down and get something to eat. I have never seen Dean so happy as he was that day. That was on the Friday, the night before it happened."

The Sunday World can reveal Amy's neighbour Pearl Cantlie wrote a letter to the Irish embassy in Madrid prior to her disappearance .

Pearl said in her letter, dated May 1, 2005, that Amy was often "locked out" of her home and was left "hungry". Amy herself wrote in her diary how she was left to forage in bins for food.

Astonishingly, Pearl pleaded to the Irish embassy: "We are doing all we can for Amy, but you have to help us."

In her own diaries, Amy regularly wrote about her dislike of Mahon, saying: "I stayed at Lisa's last night, cuz Dave was being a d**k as normal."

In her last known correspondence, in the summer of 2007, she confirms in a hand-delivered letter to Audrey's niece Nikki, who was on a trip to Spain, her intense dislike of Mahon.

"You do know I don't really like Dave and it was nice to talk about him to you. When I have fights with him I usually go mental, but when you're here you calm me down."