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Daniel Kinahan’s bid to launder €8million a year

Daniel Kinahan being chased down by Nicola Tallant
Daniel Kinahan being chased down by Nicola Tallant
Finnstown Castle Hotel
Finnstown Castle Hotel

Mob boss Daniel Kinahan told a convicted fraudster he wanted him to wash €650,000 of his dirty money every month.

However, within weeks of the ‘deal’ with James ‘Fat Boy’ O’Gorman, the roly poly conman was shut down by a massive CAB raid that also targeted the late Jim Mansfield Snr’s estate.

In an extraordinary insight into the wealth of the Kinahan Cartel, the Sunday World understands that Daniel Kinahan wanted to clean almost €8 million cash a year through O’Gorman’s scams – just one of countless money launderers used across the world by the mob.

“This was at the beginning of 2015 and Kinahan was looking to wash €150,000 a week through O’Gorman alone. That gives us an idea of the kind of money he was making then. It would be very conservative to multiply that figure by 10.

O’Gorman would have been one of many, many launderers used by the mob across the world. This money was a drop in the ocean,” a source said.


James 'Fat Boy' O'Gorman

Daniel Kinahan travelled to Ireland to meet O’Gorman in person and was brought to the Mansfield family home, where the fraudster had been living since the millionaire businessman took him in to save him from disaster after the collapse of his empire.

It is understood that Kinahan was brought to the Saggart mansion by a paramilitary enforcer closely aligned to INLA chief Paul ‘Jaws’ Kelly.

Kinahan told O’Gorman that he wanted to use a number of scams he had set up, including a glass-making facility and a hotel services provider, so he could launder his drugs money.

However, just weeks later, on the first anniversary of the death of Mansfield Snr, CAB officers busted their way into the family mansion, nearby Finnstown Castle Hotel and other properties linked to his estate and to Mr O’Gorman.

They hoovered up documents relating to a number of investment facilities that O’Gorman had set up, but have since discovered they were nothing more that Pyramid Scams and that most of the money invested has been lost.

O’Gorman has now become gangland’s most wanted after losing cash from a long list of criminals. It is understood he is under the protection of a former Provo while debtors demand their money back.

Sources say that O’Gorman convinced everyone, including Daniel Kinahan, that he was a clever businessman offering high returns on investments.

The 43-year-old was first brought in to help Jim Mansfield Snr following the spectacular collapse of his €360 million business in 2011.

He had also gone under with massive dirty money debts to criminals, having operated as a money launderer to criminals and paramilitaries for decades.

Mansfield desperately needed to raise €8m to claw back the key interests in his property portfolio, including Finnstown Castle Hotel, Paddy Reilly’s Field in Rathcoole and Saggart Lodge Court.

It is understood that O’Gorman quickly moved his offices into the family’s Tassagart House mansion and moved into an apartment on the grounds of the property as he put together his finance plan.

He convinced a number of criminals to invest millions with him, claiming they were all going to make a killing on bullet resistant glass.

As pressure came on to repay a debt, it is understood he drew in other investors. The CAB then raided the Mansfield owned properties.

Members of the Mansfield family were at home at Tassagart House when officers struck. It is understood O’Gorman was also there, along with known INLA members who claimed to be offering protection to the businessman.

Documents seized during the raids are still being analysed in one of the biggest financial trawls the CAB has ever undertaken.