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Daniel Kinahan flees to Dubai amid assassination fears

Daniel Kinahan
Daniel Kinahan

Daniel Kinahan has fled to Dubai on the orders of his gangland godfather dad Christy.

The 37-year-old moved amid fears that he was a ‘sitting duck’ in Spain, where Hutch gang members could easily reach him.

The Irish Sun reports that the Kinahan cartel’s godfather Christy has brought his sons Daniel and Christy Jnr to the UAE for their own safety.

The move was made in light of the dual threats from Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch’s gang and the ‘New’ IRA.

A source told The Sun: “As far as Christy Snr is concerned Daniel is a sitting duck in Spain.

“Anywhere in Europe isn’t really safe for them at the moment.

“Christy Jnr has been has been running the property end of their business from Dubai for some time and Christy Snr feels that they are all safest there at the minute.

“They’ve left their people in Dublin to run the show here for the time being.”

The Kinahans have major business interests in the Persian Gulf and sources say they are stepping back from the bloody feud in Dublin.

Meanwhile, Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch’s nephew Patrick Hutch (25) has been charged in connection with the Regency Hotel attack which took place in Dublin on the 5th of February and claimed the life of Kinahan gangster David Byrne.