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Dangerous north Dublin feud stems from attack on man shot in genitals

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THE New INLA are believed to have been behind the latest pipe bomb attack in Ballymun on Friday night as a dangerous feud in the area continues to escalate.

This weekend, the North Dublin suburb was on a knife edge as tensions continue to mount following a series of tit-for-tat attacks.

Two opposing gangs operating primarily in the Balcurris and Shangan areas have been involved in an escalating dispute in recent weeks which stems from a murder attempt on Glen Kiely (30), in January.

Kiely, of Balcurris Park West, Ballymun, had a miracle escape after fragment of bullet lodged in his private parts when a hitman opened fire on him at close range.

This week there were two hoax pipe bomb attacks in the suburb as well as a shooting, which saw two teenagers hospitalised.

A source has claimed Friday’s bombing was carried out by a gang of young criminals linked to a New INLA crime figure from Ballymun.

An underworld source has claimed the New INLA has been offered more than €30,000 to kill Kiely.

The feud has been escalating since associates of Kiely and another gang clashed two weeks ago. It is believed that a large group of young men fought with weapons – including hammers – with a number suffering serious injuries.

A few days later three teenagers were injured when a gunman opened fire on them on Shangan Green.

On Friday, residents of Shangan were woken up at 6.30am on Friday after a suspect device was placed near a residence in the area.

The device, which turned out to be a hoax pipe bomb, was placed near the home of a man currently in a dispute with Kiely.

Less than 24 hours later another fake device was placed under the van of a person with links to Kiely in the Balcurris area.

The device contained nails, but had no explosives in it.

Underworld sources claim criminals with links to the man targeted in the first incident have now offered money to the New INLA to target Kiely.

They say that a relative of that man was one of a number of teenagers quizzed by associates of Kiely following the gun attack on him in January and the family were unhappy about that.

The device left in Balcurris this weekend was left under a vehicle belonging to a person who was connected to Stephen ‘Ned’ Kelly, who is serving life for shooting dead Ian McConnell in Ballymun in 2005.

Sources say Kiely’s father, Larry Brazil, has tried to broker peace between the two sides in the dispute.

Brazil, a father of five, is a career criminal with dozens of convictions for offences including armed robbery, burglary and drugs offences.

Four years ago Brazil and an associate were foiled by an off-duty garda armed with a traffic cone after carrying out an armed robbery of a shop on Westland Row in Dublin city centre.

The garda spotted the pair wearing motorbike helmets in the store from outside and spotted a getaway motorbike with its engine running and knocked it over. He then armed himself with traffic cone while apprehending the suspects.

It is believed many of those involved in the current feud are young teenagers working for older criminals.

Gardaí are on high alert for further attacks and members of the Armed Response Unit have been active in Ballymun.

Tensions are extremely high in the area following the latest incidents and there are fears it is only a matter of time before someone is killed.

Local Sinn Fein Councillor Noeleen Reilly said residents are fearful over the escalation in incidents. “People are worried.

It’s something we need to get on top of before it escalates,” she said.

“I think they’re just toying with each other at the moment, but they’re also toying with the community as well. People have a right to live in peace and safety and enjoy the area they live in.”

“These incidents can happen without notice and you don’t want your children out in danger or seeing it.

“There is a sense that some places aren’t being policed.

I know the Gardaí there are doing their best, but there aren’t enough of them.”