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Dad of murdered Rachel O’Reilly wants death penalty for Graham Dwyer

Jim Callaly
Jim Callaly

Jim Callaly the father of Rachel O’Reilly who was brutally beaten to death by her husband Joe O’Reilly has called for Graham Dwyer to be executed.

Mr Callaly told the Star that killers like Joe O’Reilly and Graham Dwyer should be put to death and that he believes a referendum on the reintroduction of capital punishment should be held.

Rachel and Joe O'Reilly

The heartbroken father pointed out that the projected €2.1m it will cost to keep Graham Dwyer behind bars for 30 years at €70,000 a year would be better spent proving homes for the homeless or equipment for hospitals.

Joe also asked for an option to be put to the people where life sentences would be increased to literally mean life.

An average life sentence in Ireland is currently 15 years.

“I think, given the amount of murders were are now seeing, that if a politician ran in the morning on the promise of reintroducing the death penalty then he would be elected in a landslide,” Jim told The Star.

Killer Graham Dwyer

“The State spends hundreds of thousands giving premeditated murderers the best of medical care, clothes and whatever else.

“If the death penalty was there -and I’m saying just for premeditated murder - the people planning these killings would think twice because they wouldn’t like the thought of having their own neck being stretched.

“If he (Graham Dwyer) gets out he will be a huge danger to society.

“There is no value on like any more and we need to change that.” Joe said.

Jim and family celebrate Joe O'Reilly's conviction 

Graham Dwyer will have 21 days to lodge an appeal against the murder verdict handed down to him on the 28th of April.