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Cyclist attacked by feral youths in north Dublin

Leon Redlinski
Leon Redlinski

A man who was assaulted and robbed by a gang of young men in Dublin has urged people to "stay away from opportunists out on the prowl."

Leon Redlinski has described how he was cornered by seven adolescent males as he cycled home in the early hours of the morning on June 19.

In a Facebook post which has been shared over a thousands times, he told of being beaten by a group of seven young men between the ages of 14 and 17, before having his bike and wallet stolen.

He was cycling home after working at the festival, Taste of Dublin, just before 3am when the incident occurred on the Jamestown Road, Finglas.

He said: "They tried to pull me over asking for smokes and when I said I don't use any and rode past them, one of them hurled a stone at my back causing me to stop and dismount from the bike. While I was facing my attacker another boy/young man following shortly after the main party grabbed a hold of my bike and started cycling away."

Mr Redlinski caught up with him and forced him off the bike, spurring the other boys to get involved. He claimed the boys "circled me and started throwing punches and kicks from all angles."

"I managed to defend myself but in the struggle they wrestled my backpack and bike chain away and started using it as a weapon, repeatedly bashing me over the head with it while I was parrying the rest of the blows, my back against the nearest property wall. I wouldn't back down because there was nowhere to back down to."

When Mr Redlinski started "bleeding badly", one of the boys called on the others to retreat, and they fled with his bike and wallet.

Mr Redlinski called emergency services and was taken to the Mater Hospital, where he received stitches and treatment for a fractured cheekbone. He is calling for people to be vigilant in similar situations, "no matter how confident you feel."

He said: "Numbers will always bear down on you and though it is spineless, cowardly and hyena pack tactics it is also supremely efficient and dangerous. I just had a big slice of the old humble pie and hopefully you will be able to not ever repeat my experience."

Gardaí confirmed to that no arrests have been made so far and investigations are ongoing.

Mr Redlinski has now appealed to people to look out for a black, Giant brand bike with "a slightly bent-in front fork" being sold in the area.

Mr Redlinksi has been contacted by to make any additional comments.

Rebecca Lumley