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Cruel sulky racer lashes pony 50 times in illegal road race

Watch the video below
Watch the video below

A cruel sulky racer outrageously hits his pony with a huge stick at least fifty times during a reckless two-minute race on country back roads.

The callous thug whipped his horse with a long stick at least FIFTY times in just two minutes as a horrified motorist followed behind.

The driver told the Sunday World they didn’t want to pass the video on to the Gardaí because they feared prosecution for driving while using a mobile.

They also feared retaliation from the sulky driver who dished out the savage beating.

After wrestling with their conscience for several months, they decided this week to hand over the clip to the Sunday World.

“It turns my stomach to see what was done to the horse. He was just an animal,” said the driver.

They explained it was recorded on a country road between Mullinahone and Cloneen in Co. Tipperary last August.

One of the sulkies is carrying two men, which is racing against another driven by a single man who doesn’t appear to use any whip.

The driver of the sulky with two men begins to lash his horse with the stick just seconds into the race.

The competitor is much faster and the cruel driver lashes out at his rival’s head when it passes by.

When there’s oncoming traffic the brutal driver doesn’t use the stick, but when he thinks no-one is watching he continues to lash the poor animal.

Illegal road racers have been criticised for the rough treatment of their horses, some of which have collapsed and died after the effort.

In official racing, jockeys who use a whip more than eight times in race, just three times in the final furlong, face charges of excessive use of the whip.

The Sunday World previously revealed how some sulky racing ponies are changing hands for up to €30,000 in what is Ireland’s biggest underworld sport.