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Cross border pervert pimps on the prowl

Liam ‘Creepy’ Crawley
Liam ‘Creepy’ Crawley

A NEW pimp and pervert partnership has set alarm bells ringing in a border town.

Liam ‘Creepy’ Crawley and ‘Mucky’ Marty Heaney – both exposed by this newspaper as predatory perverts – are two of Ireland’s busiest cross-border sex-for-sale merchants.

Mucky’ Marty Heaney

Now parents in the border re­gion around Newry and Dundalk claim they’ve set up in business together.

“This is a partnership of perverts and it’s a very worrying development for parents of teenage girls in this area,” one worried mum told us.

Crawley, a podgy 65-year-old from Blackrock, Co. Louth, and Heaney, a 52-year-old stripogram seller from Andersonstown, Belfast, are now operating as a double act in Dundalk.

The 20 stone-plus perverts former­ly worked as taxi drivers on both sides of the border.

Previous to that, Heaney had been a tour bus guide in Belfast, while Crawley who enjoyed a reputation as a ‘hard man’ bouncer.

These days, cash-hungry Crawley likes to target youngsters – many hooked on heroin – persuading them to sell their bodies for sex, while grabbing a substantial percentage for himself in the process.

And Heaney continues to spe­cialise in coaxing cash-strapped teenagers to join his ‘Surprise Sur­prise’ stripogram service, which is a thinly-veiled cover for prostitution.

Concerned parents contacted the Sunday World after spotting the pair prowling the streets of Dundalk, near to where a teenage schoolgirls’ summer reunion was taking place.

Crawley and Heaney were seen chatting to the youngsters as the girls made their way to a local hotel where the function was due to start.

Sunday World inquiries revealed that the sex creeps offered to give some of the girls a lift home when the gathering was over. Heaney even tried to obtain phone numbers from some of them.

Crawley and Heaney have also been spotted around the back streets on nights when it is known a teenage disco operates in the town.

Last week, one mum interviewed by the Sunday Word said the appear­ance of these men on the streets was a very worrying development.

“We know about these people and as a result of what has appeared in the press already we recognised them immediately,” she said.

“I want to send out a word of warn­ing to all parents with young girls to be on the lookout for these men.”

Earlier this year the Sunday World revealed that Heaney had retreated under pressure south of the border to a secret bolthole at Ramparts Road, Dundalk.

However, he is still running back north to Belfast and beyond at weekends, ferrying scantily clad youngsters as part of his stripogram service.

Heaney, a divorced father of one, was caught in a Sunday World sting operation which exposed the true nature of his business empire.

He agreed to supply a teenage girl stripper for sex as part of an ‘extra’ to his stripogram service. “Just tell me what you want and I’ll supply,” he told our undercover reporter.

Three years ago, Heaney – who had a previous conviction for indecent exposure – was found guilty in court of kidnapping two teenage girls. He held the terrified youngsters captive while he performed a perverted sex act in front of them.

His name is still on the sex offend­ers register.

Crawley operated as a pimp for well over three decades, but with the onset of the drugs culture in Ireland, his business had boomed.

We interviewed a young hooker who broke her silence to reveal how she fell into his sex trap.

‘Mollie’ (21) said she first met Crawley when she was still a vulner­able teenager in Dundalk.

He persuaded her to work as a pros­titute to help pay off a drug debt.

With tears streaming down her face, Mollie told us: “It was the worst decision of my life. Crawley doesn’t care. All he wants is money.”

When the Sunday World caught up with Crawley he freely admitted running brothels in the past.

However, he added: “That was years ago. I gave all that up a long time ago. There’s