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Criminal who phoned radio station to admit beating up sisters now in jail

The girls needed hospital treatment following the 20-hour ordeal
The girls needed hospital treatment following the 20-hour ordeal

Crumlin criminal Dean Fagan is set to be arrested at Cloverhill prison in the coming days in connection with an assault on sisters Amy (21) and Nicole Rice (19).

The girls were left battered and bruised after they were attacked at an apartment in Newbridge, Co Kildare.

Fagan admitted tying up the two sisters and beating them.

A 26-year-old Lucan man is also wanted for questioning by detectives and is understood to be still in Dublin.

Fagan, who has almost 60 convictions for offences including possession of a gun and criminal damage, returned to Ireland last month.

Dean Fagan

The hood contacted Dublin’s 98fm and told the statin that he had been fighting with a man the girls knew which is why the trouble broke out.

"Yeah, she got a few slaps ... just a few slaps," he said. He added that he and his associate fled after the girls went public.

"We didn't leave immediately. We left when we heard what was being said."

He went on to say he attacked the girls because they wouldn't calm down.

"I had no choice but to do that [hit them a few slaps], it's a horrible thing to say.

"You see the one that's very badly bruised in the face ... she fell down the stairs with her hands tied behind her back.

"Fourteen steps and it's very steep, it is yeah. Down the bottom it's tiles. She fell head-first down there."

When asked why they were tied up he said: "'Cause we tied them to calm them down. Just with towels like and you can get out of towels."

He went on to say he wouldn't be convicted in court.

"It isn't going to go anywhere. I can tell you that now, it isn't going to go anywhere. I feel they have ruined my life over this.

"I have been to prison before and I can tell you that now, when you go to prison with a name like that it isn't a nice name to have.

"I tied them up because I was worried they were going to cause more problems for me and my friend. At this time, I was wanted. I had warrants for a separate thing.

"I am not saying I'm an angel in anyone's eyes. I've got convictions for some serious s**t," he said.

"When you go to jail, and people think you have done shit like this you get boiling water and piss thrown at you. When you are on the wings people throw shapes at you.

"I couldn't throw them out and call the cops because I had warrants out for my arrest."

Fagan was arrested on a bench warrant after he was convicted of dangerous driving, criminal damage, failing to stop and uninsured driving.

He didn’t turn up to court and was convicted in absentia.

The court heard how he ploughed into a garda patrol van and car after crashing into three other vehicles during a road rampage in Tallaght.

He caused thousands of euro worth of damage to the five vehicles after he refused to stop for gardai and sped off at up to 100kph, Dublin District Court heard.

He is expected to face a sentencing hearing shortly.