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Crimestoppers: 15 tips to prevent burglars targeting your home

Protect your home
Protect your home

Crimestoppers today launched a campaign to reduce the levels of burgalry in Ireland by issuing some handy tips and advice to protect your home.

According to Crimestoppers burglaries are up 8.4 per cent year-on-year and they issued 15 pieces of advice to help combat thieves this winter.

  • Secure all windows and doors.
  • Light up you home and use timer switches when out.
  • Sign up to your local Community Alert and Neighbourhood Watch schemes.
  • Consider installing a monitored alarm and installing outside lights.  Ensure the alarm comes with an outside bellbox to alert potential intruders that your home is fitted with an alarm. Always activate your house alarm.
  • Fit a door viewer/chain/limiter.
  • Keep your front and back doors locked day and night.
  • Don’t keep spare keys outside - instead ensure your neighbor has a spare key for emergencies.
  • Mark your property and record serial numbers where appropriate.
  • Photograph your personal belongings, e.g. jewellery and keep these on file.
  • Keep a list of emergency numbers handy.
  • Do not open your door to anyone before you’ve checked who it is and what they want.
  • Do not leave strangers unattended at your door.
  • Ensure your back door is locked when you answer a call to your front door.
  • Do not keep large amounts of cash at home.
  • Keep all bank debit and credit cards in a secure location. Do not share any pin codes or passwords with anyone else.

Derek Byrne, Assistant Commissioner, An Garda Síochána was also at the launch.

He said, “By virtue of its frequency, burglary is one of the most important crimes for us to combat. People should realise that working together, the Gardai and communities around the country can combat burglars.”
“If we receive enough information, we can arrest the criminals involved and reduce the impact it has on communities and businesses around Ireland. Information from the public is crucial to the Gardai. By contacting Crimestoppers with information you can help the Gardaí to reduce this type of crime and its impact on our communities.”
The campaign was also supported by PhoneWatch and according to Eoin Dunne, their CEO: “Crime in the community is on the rise. What’s really worrying is that people no longer feel safe in their own homes.  Demand for our monitored alarm service has increased by over 70% compared to 2014.  A monitored alarm can dramatically improve the sense of safety and security”.
If you have any information in relation to burglary or any other crime, you can contact your local Garda Station or Crimestoppers on 1800 25 00 25. All calls to Crimestoppers are free and anonymous and you might receive a reward for information.