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Crime figure 'Mr Big' isolated and broke as pressure grows on all sides

Pressure: Mr Big
Pressure: Mr Big

Crime figure 'Mr Big' is almost completely broke and becoming increasingly isolated as pressure grows on all sides, sources have said.

The north Dublin-based crime lord is becoming increasingly paranoid and hindered following a number of high-profile drug seizures he has been involved with. 

Sources told the Herald he has been left "extremely paranoid and frustrated" following the busts.

"He has run out of money because the gardai have managed to intercept at least three major drugs shipments which he was involved with in the last 18 months," a source said.

"Because there is so much of a massive threat on his life, he is unable to get drugs on tick because no one wants to run the risk of losing money if he gets whacked."

It is a volatile and uncertain period and many of his close associates have fled Ireland. This means the Coolock-based figure is becoming increasingly disengaged. 

"Not everyone has turned their back on him, he often goes around with a 28-year-old criminal from the Darndale area who is suspected of being involved in a very bad knife attack on a younger man a number of weeks ago.

"This incident had nothing to do with Mr Big, who has really been trying to keep his head down, as he is completely paranoid about being shot dead," the source said.

The criminal, who is in his early 30s, is also being monitored by gardai under his bail conditions. He is facing serious charges in the court and is likely to be jailed. 

"He needs to keep a curfew as part of his bail conditions and gardai have been doing a good job of making sure that he is at home when he is meant to be there," the source said.

"This often involves officers knocking at his house at night, which is not something he is very happy about at all."

He is also the subject of a considerable amount of interest from the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB). 

"That gang's involvement in organising the Alan Ryan murder has brought nothing but bad luck to them, it is something they must really regret at this stage," the source said.

"Up until Mr Big got into a feud with the Real IRA he was able to operate in the shadows, but now he is under severe pressure from every direction."

In the meantime, a family-based gang has moved in on his territory and has reportedly made a fortune in recent months. 

Gardai have also seized high-powered vehicles from Mr Big as part of their investigation into his finances. As well as making lucrative profits from the drugs trade, Mr Big has made significant amounts from tiger kidnappings and other robberies.

CAB are expected to hit him with a bill believed to be in the region of €1.5 million.