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Crazed garda killer 'shot casino worker twice in botched robbery'

Psycho: Adrian Crevan Mackin
Psycho: Adrian Crevan Mackin

Crazed garda killer Adrian Crevan Mackin was involved in a botched casino robbery during which a woman was shot twice, according to reports.

A report in today's Irish Daily Star alleges Mr Mackin's involvement in the shooting of a casino employee five years ago. 

According to the report, the then 19-year-old pumped two bullets into a mother-of-two in the 2010 botched robbery at Casino Palace arcade on Newry’s Upper Water Street.

Grainy CCTV images show a hooded and balaclava-clad individual in light-coloured clothing cocking a handgun before blasting the 37-year-old woman. The shocking incident occurred at a casino in Newry. 

The cowardly murderer fled the scene with two accomplices but not before trying to shoot his victim a third time. Fortunately the gun jammed and the woman was spared her life. 

Emergency services were called and Roisin Rocks was rushed to hospital where she underwent hours of surgery. She had been hit twice in the stomach.

Ms Rocks was left completely traumatised by the harrowing ordeal and suffered with serious kidney problems following the attack. Her father at the time offered a £10,000 reward for any information leading to the shooter's arrest. 

Three people were arrested in connection with the incident but they were released and nobody was ever charged. 

A dissident source told the Star that it was well known that Mackin was behind the botched robbery. 

"It was well known he was behind the attack and was part of the reason why he was completely ostracised from republican circles - he was untrusted and reckless.

"He told people at the time that he accidentally shot the woman, but it;'s clear what his intentions were. 

"It was only a matter of time before he killed himself or someone else."

Mackin took his own life after shooting his partner Siobhan Phillips and murdering Garda Tony Golden. 

Ms Phillips remains in serious condition in hospital and doctors have expressed concern that she may lose an eye following the horror gun attack. 

Last week the Sunday World reported Mackin had threatened to shoot Ms Phillip's grandmother if she walked out on him. The wannabe terrorist issued the sick threat just days before he murdered Garda Golden.